Messed it up REAL good this time!

Ped: 1981 Honda Hobbit PA50II

So I was cleaning out my carb. Got it out, took out all the applicable screws and fittings. Sprayed with cleaner and reassembled.

As I was attaching the intake and carb I did this:

The other half in here:

For now my ride will sit by the way side:

I was thinking of getting this, has anybody tried it?:

Sooo, it looks like I need a hex bolt, part number: 92000-06025

I looking we shall go.

Re: Messed it up REAL good this time!

Jake Shaughnessy /

u need an ez out or reverse drill bits

Re: Messed it up REAL good this time!

most ideal way if you have a MIG is to tack a nut to the broken thread


cut bit in dremel might make it into a flat head screw

use a smaller drill bit to drill out,

tap kit or those re thread things that look like springs.

Re: Messed it up REAL good this time!

That Grab it thing is for phillips screws.

I have used I think every product to remove broekn bolts.

The best, and safest one to use is also the most expensive.

It is the one that looks like a allen wrench with extended corners. Almost like a long torx bit, but not so dramatic.

You use the associated drill bit, and drill into the bolt, and then gently hammer the star/hex pole thing in. then you have a special bit that fits over the hex star thing, and has a large hex outside that can be grabbed witha a wrench. Then you just twist her out.

I only found this from my snap on dealer. never seen it at home depot.

Re: Messed it up REAL good this time!

I have a set of those. Also Snap-on. Other tool companies may also make something similar. Home Depot does not sell mechanics tools. Peace. Jerry.

Re: Messed it up REAL good this time!

I've had a horid time with easyouts (You break off one of those, and you'll need a damn good bit to drill through it).. granted the screws I was using them on had been stripped by a guy who hadn't taken the time to go buy an impact wrench.. They should work for this, I think. If you look at their packaging, they'll tell you what size bit to pre-drill with. If you go ahead and get that bit, but with a reversed, you might even pop it out while drilling for the easyout.

Personally I prefer using the dremel/flathead, though you risk mucking up the case a bit.. Depends what bits you have on hand, and how careful you are.

Re: Messed it up REAL good this time!

Here is what im talking about.

This is a cloe up of the bit screw thing itself, and the grabbernut that fits on it. Notice the raised corners. when you hammer it in, it really grabs in there well. Better than anything ive ever used.

How do I make the links clickable again?

There is also a bigger set here:

If anyone can find these anywhere other than Snap -on, I would be gratefull.

Re: Messed it up REAL good this time!

Is that thing really tight in there? if it isn't, it looks like you could cut a groove in it, and screw it out. If you intend to drill into it, first file or grind it really flat, then use a tiny punch to make a small dimple right in the middle of it, so the bit doesn't slide around, and go down between the threads. Remove the engine if you have to. Once you get it out, replace both bolts with 8.8 bolts, or allen screws. Peace. Jerry.

Re: Messed it up REAL good this time!

Thank you Sabat,

A Dremel and a cut off wheel turned the broken bolt into flat head screw. It came out pretty well.

Thanks again!

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