let's build a Franken-ped!

i have a puch E50 engine and want to mount it on a frame. what will it work on besides a maxi? i don't want to have to modify a frame too much, but want to get a little creative and weird. any ideas, experiences? what kind of possibilities/limitations do i have here? thanks in advance!

Re: let's build a Franken-ped!

BryAn eurism /

Oh shucks! Thought this was Rivers Cuomo's sequel to Let's-Write-A-Sawng. He's up to changing up the 2nd bridge lyrics a bit to make it less redundant

Re: let's build a Franken-ped!

Only limitation is your imagination (and maybe your tools and resourcefulness) You can pretty much make any motor fit any bike if you got the tools, material, and skill now if you are will to fabricate brackets you can put it on most any frame you can find. I am currently building one...jawa frame, garelli 2 speed motor and tank, honda gold-wing handle bars, vespa seat, peugeot front wheel, a fender of unknown origin and that is just the start...in short it comes down to what you can dream up and what you are willing and able to actually do to the thing.

Re: let's build a Franken-ped!

you can have my AMF if you caome get it

Re: let's build a Franken-ped!

George Smith /

lol I almost did a garelli on a jawa...it didn't look that hard....

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