Tomos oil injection

Ok everybody listen up. For almost 5 years, I have been complaining about the Tomos oil injection, and how it will fail, and destroy your engine. I have ample evidence to back up my claim. But, and this is the part that is going to make everybody really happy. Enough is enough. I must have typed about a million words on how terrible the Tomos injection is, and why. They are all available by using the search function. I am tired of typing the same old thing over and over, because thats what the Tomos oil injection system is, the same old thing over and over again. It's always been junk, and it will always be junk. And Tomos knows it. Yet they keep putting it on their otherwise excellent mopeds. If you have a Tomos moped with oil injection, and would like to save your engine, remove the POS. If you kind of wanted your engine to melt down anyway, so you could rebuild it, then leave the system on it. It probably won't take long. I will no longer respond to posts about Tomos oil injection, and if asked directly, there will be one standard answer. Use the search function. That will be all. Peace. Jerry.

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If I ever get an oil-injected Tomos, I'm removing the oil injector first thing. You've convinced me.

You can also tell people to check the wiki -- there's an explanation you wrote about how to remove it in there. (It's in both the How to... and Repair tutorials categories.)

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ᴛᴇʀʀʏ ᴅᴇᴀɴ /

except tomos hasn't had this problem in years. i've said it in other threads where you went off, i'm not sure about whatever year your bikes are, but i mess with 08 bikes all the time and their injection pumps are a far cry better than the old ones. the lines are routed as such as to it's near impossible to get an accidental pinch anywhere.

you're still crying about a problem tomos had years ago. you know nothing about the new bikes, quit acting like you do.

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I'm gonna stand with Jerry, because none of my bikes came with oil injection, none, I mix in a can, i mix in the tank but none of my rides have ever ever had any problems running premix. Pre-Mix FTW

makes me want to put a jerry/fish emblem on my car but then people might confuse me with a christian

Jerry (junkyarddog) FOR THE WIN

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toe fur threadkiller /

Tomos oil injection

08 injection > old injection

Re: Tomos oil injection

At the risk of sounding rude, stfu, jerry. We've all heard it before.

Obviously I'll take shit for that, but I'm tired of this.


Re: Remember to fill your reservoir

fill the gas tank with oil and fill the oil tank with gas then there never be a failure at all other than the one thats riding it and and put the gas and oil in the wrong tanks

or you could put mix in your gas tank and put straight gas in your oil tank hmm i wonder how that would run il have to try that on a beat up old honda sometime

Re: Remember to fill your reservoir

▣ß@ηℊℙℐṔ∃▣ ™ /

me and a few of my friends have had them for years and no problems. not saying that they dont fail and im still taking mine off. just letting people know the only problem i have ever seen is the lines. when i got mine and the lines at the pump were bent over! i asked the guy wtf and he said thats how it was when he got it. and i also just met a tomos freak ( a friend of ike) and he said he breaks them in all the time and its the lines that fucks everybody because the pump is working extra hard when the lines are kinked. so not disagree

just putting out a little info

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At the risk of sounding rude, you stfu Scott. Maybe you didn't read the post right. Peace. Jerry.

Tomos oil injection

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Re: Tomos oil injection

I agree

This is nothing but fear mongering..... we get enuf of that from the government and we don't neeg it here...

I put a NOS Mikuni oil pump on my Puch and left it connected... it's a Polini kitted Magnum and I always add a bit of good Synthetic oil to mt tank anyway... Ive never had a problem and when I ran out of gas on our group ride last week I just filled my gas tank with no oil..... if anything the bike was peppier running only with the injector pumped oil!

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ᴛᴇʀʀʏ ᴅᴇᴀɴ /

no, jerry, scott had it right. everyone knows your opinions as you've been spouting them for years. all you were doing by starting a whole new thread on the subject is drawing attention to yourself.

you have no idea what you are talking about when it comes to tomos injection. you can't go into a dealer and buy the same bike that broke down on you years ago. i'd put money down that a new (injected) tomos would outlive any bike you've built.

Re: Tomos oil injection


Re: Tomos oil injection

Why is this issue still an issue?

Jerry- we all know where you stand on the tomos oil injector, stop bringing it up. What are you trying to gain from this thread?

Re: Tomos injection good - Jerry

Best movie ever!!!!!

Re: Tomos oil injection

Hey, guys, you do realize he posted this to say that he's NOT POSTING ABOUT IT ANY MORE, right? I don't see that as being attention-seeking, I see that as a way to make sure he won't have to explain 50 times why he's not going to talk about it anymore. You know if he didn't do this, the next time the subject came up (which would probably happen at least two times in the next week), you wouldn't hear Jerry's usual advice, and then someone would inevitably ask, "Where's Jerry to tell everyone it's crap?" Well, now we all know where Jerry is and why he's not going to explain why he thinks it's crap for the 500 millionth time.

If you guys say that the '08 injectors are better, I'll believe that too. Everyone here is voicing their opinions based on their own experiences and the experiences they've heard first-hand from others -- I don't think either side is "right" or "wrong" when they're talking about their own experiences.

Can we compromise on this somehow? Say that the '08 ones are good but the rest have been known to fail to deliver appropriate lubrication more often than is desirable? That if you'd rather keep the injector, that's cool, but keep an eye on it and maintain it and check on it just like you maintain and check on everything else on the moped? Get rid of it if you'd rather just premix by yourself? Something else? (I'm just making up stuff here.... someone who knows more about this than I do feel free to invent an appropriate and unbiased compromise.)

We need to get away from this "crap" vs. "not crap" stuff. It's just dividing everyone, and it's getting ugly. Everyone needs to chill and go ride their mopeds.

Re: Tomos oil injection

ᴛᴇʀʀʏ ᴅᴇᴀɴ /

know what's better than making a thread to say you aren't going to post about something anymore? not posting about something anymore! i don't care if you see it as attention seeking or not, it is what it is. all jerry has to do is not chime in and then people will stop expecting it all the time.

there are no compromises either, as there are a few different tomos oil injector designs out there and jerry had one type fail on him, yet he will sit here all day and talk about how they are all junk.

that targa guy who was chased from the site put way more miles on his bike than jerry ever did and never had a problem, yet jerry's still the authority on the subject? weird.

just like how jerry sat on an angel moped once and broke it in half, and so he goes around saying how shitty they are. my friend brendan has been ripping on his angel for quite a while now with no frame issues, and this was one he found in a ditch, obviously not taken care of before he got it.

maybe jerry got a bad one? maybe the bike couldn't handle 300lbs? whatever the case, just because he had something go wrong once doesn't mean everyone needs to go ripping apart their perfectly good mopeds on the word of some dude in az who thinks he knows mopeds.

Re: Tomos oil injection

fuk this topic i've read enough

Re: Tomos oil injection

is on 06 injection good?

and i like oil injection is makes things a little easier, not much but hey i like stoppin at a gas station filling my gas than driving off.

Re: Tomos oil injection

John Joedicke /

Probably can catch all this also on Old news, no new today. Thanks for not replying anymore. Peace be with you!

Re: Tomos oil injection

Raymond Wright IV /

Jerry's a cool guy.

dont hate on him.

i constantly check my oil injection to make sure my moped is using oil.

i really dont want to ruin my engine.

thanks Jerry for the advice.

Re: Tomos oil injection

Vimy Ridgeway /

Being gorgeous means never having to say you're sorry.

The girl can't help it!

Re: Tomos oil injection

This is getting a bit old aint it? Cant this just go away? I mean, its a thread about stopping arguing about it.

Seems like I kinda miss the Jerry that used to care deeply about people like Libby and others and used to give some sound advice and be helpful, but if you do a seach for posts, its just the same topic over and over again, tomos oil injection. Its been stated over and over so many times that most of us can recall it verbatim. I read this post and thought, well, thats good , as I appreceiated alot of what Jerry wrote and it would be nice to see something about , shit, just about anything else besides tomos fuel injection, cause He's right , its getting really frigging old. Replying to peoples threads and writing in them "Except for Dean" is just plain bait in my opinion.

I mean , he rebuilt a za50 , hell id love to know how to do that correctly, lets hear about that. Or how the puch runs , or the setup anthing but the frigging oil injection system on a tomos!

It seems that Dean working in a shop and working on shitloads of tomos's and saying the new ones have good injection systems on em might be a really valid point. Maybe we should at least give it a listen. He does work on the damned things

Dean knows a SHITLOAD about bikes and even a novice can spot that in a second , and i but honestly both of these people have really valid info they can dish out but enough of the freaking oil injection war for the love of god.

From an outside perspective it looks like sometimes posts are just deliberate bait for this issue to get brought up and beat about again.

cant we just divide the wiki into 2 dif persepectives and people can just go figure it out?

Life's to short to spend on more friggin second debating tomos fuel injection. If ya wanna run it, run it. If ya dont , dont but come one is that the entire focus of the forum?

Re: Tomos oil injection

nitrous works and so does tomos oil injection I have used them both on the same ped at the same time if you dont belive me come to a rally, I will be that guy passing you up hills and also that guy that will stop to push you when you bike breaks down, because mine never does ever!!!!

nitrous and oil injection + 4000 miles kitted at 50mph = you don't know what you are talking about. if you want to argue we can find the biggest hill around and race up it!!!

you are fucking wrong!

Re: Tomos oil injection

You know what id do if i was some bitter old dude from the mopedriders forum that wanted to prove how the free speech thing over at mopedarmy doesent work?

Id deliberately make up fake characters and fake posts to set people up and then sit back and watch and laugh as the fur flies. You really think ALL of the injection posts and even some of these characters are real?

Just cause your not paranoid dosent mean someone's not fucking with you.

Re: Tomos oil injection

I still keep in contact with Libby, her mother, donp, MoPedLar and a few others by email. Peace. Jerry.

Re: Tomos oil injection

thats totaly cool.

i miss don p, i dont know where to go for manuals anymore

Re: Tomos oil injection

He has a ton of manuals at He can be found at both, and Peace. Jerry.

Re: Tomos oil injection

oh thanks thats the site i was looking for. Appreciated.

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