Derbi GPR Wicked Fast Moped?

does anyone know where I can purchase a new derbi gpr moped. All I know is they are expensive,(I was told about 2000) and that they achive high speeds. Any help is appreciated.

Re: Derbi GPR Wicked Fast Moped?

The GPR isn't a moped but they are pretty quick for a little bike. Try your phone book for Piaggio dealers and see if any of them also sell Derbi models.

Re: Derbi GPR Wicked Fast Moped?

Does that mean you have to have a motorcycle endorsement? I know the model steve is talking about is a 50 cc model.

Re: Derbi GPR Wicked Fast Moped?

Depends on the state. In Ohio, yes.

Re: Derbi GPR Wicked Fast Moped?


140 East 45th Street, 17th Floor



Google is your friend.

And the Derbi GPR is a pretty quick moped once you get the restrictors out (It is considered a moped here). It'll then do about 55MPH stock.

With a couple of tuningparts you can get up and over 80MPH. You will be too broke to buy any gasoline tho, that stuff is expensive.

Derbi GPR Dutch retail price: $5300

And don't get me started on tuning stuff prices. You can buy an entire fast Puch for the price of 1 fast Derbi exhaust.

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