Registering a moped in Minnesota

Man what a pain in the ass!

I gotta have 4 pictures of all sides of the ped and fill out all these questions. All for a 1978 honda PA50. Anyone know how long it can take to get it titled? Any suggestions to get it done faster?

Re: Registering a moped in Minnesota

probably three years

Re: Registering a moped in Minnesota

its the busy season right now. it should take no more than 8 weeks and sometimes less.

4 pics will set you back 80 cents. Hint, take the pics when it hasnt been cleaned up. When it is reviewed, less likely to challenge the value you claim.

Time to fill out one page of history, 15 min.

Get the seller to do this and sign it.

Bill of Sale simply a signature and address.

Seems pretty simple.

At least this is doable compared to iowa or wisconsin

Re: Registering a moped in Minnesota

I went to the licensing place in town and they gave me this statement of facts form to fill out.2 of the big questions about it are...

What were the circumstance under which this vehicle was acquired and why is there no documentary proof of ownership?


Describe the condition of the vehicle at the time of purchase/acquisition. (be specific).

I bought it from a guy who had a bunch of mopeds he was fixing up and selling. This one still ran pretty well but it just looked a bit beat up... I got a bill of sale and he signed it and everything he told me that it was never titled because it is a 1978 and just a moped.

Re: Registering a moped in Minnesota

dude, minnesota is way easier to get titled in than a lot of other states.

like rei said, itll take something like 2 months to get. not a big deal.

Re: Registering a moped in Minnesota

You know i was looking up some of the rules and it says a title or a bill of sale is required for registration. So would i be able to get it registered without a title?

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