Puch paint color match

Hi there,

Well I got a really beat up Magnum II Puch. IT is that silver color. Anways i don't feel like repainting the bike but want to touch up the rust spots and the area around a dent in the tank. IT is that t silver color. I was wondering if any of you had found a good match to this color.


Re: Puch paint color match

Duplicolor Engine Enamel

Part # DE 1615 Aluminum

Re: Puch paint color match

Moped Game Sally Struthers /

most auto paint stores have a camera that can match the color of your ped. chances are its sunfaded over the years.

Re: Puch paint color match

Ben Van Zoest /

plasti-kote FM8070 (Ford) exact match.

Re: Puch paint color match

Anyone got a number for the sachs metallic green?

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