Streetmate speed issues

i bored out my a35 to fuckin' max capacity, an threw on a 80cc polinathena kit (fuckin 19 of em ever made G) and I welded a biturbz and a bulls expansion chamber together, so the shits like a fucking expanded expansion chambuh, I'm telling you, the shits off the chain

My issue right now is just bending out the pedals to clear the pipe, since the shit is bigger than a goddam elephant tranny dick bro. so are there like wider pedal cranks availiable for tomos, or any other ped than a street mate can take? if not i'll just settle with my pegs.

aight thanks yall. one love out

Re: Streetmate speed issues


justice yourrr killin me!~SABAT!

Re: Streetmate speed issues

k but dont streetmates have an a55 engine

Re: Streetmate speed issues

yeah, if your going to be a dick and rag on tomos for no reason you could at lest do some homework and know what your talking about.

Re: Streetmate speed issues

lol how is he ragging on tomos

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