i have a tomos sprint and i'm thinking about getting the Bi-turbo exhaust. do i need a bigger carburator for the exhaust to make it go faster?

Re: exhaust

not really but you should up-jet

Re: exhaust

nope, it will have a top end gain from a performance exhaust, you will however need to upjet.

bigger intakes and carburators are another upgrade on top of a exhaust to make you go faster.

as for upjet prolly a size or 2, so pull out your mainjet from the carb.


Re: exhaust

I put a Biturbo on my 91 A35 and ended up not having to upjet. I did a plug-chop with the original jet and ended up with a wet plug. I did replace the jet with a new one of the same size #57 because I had to drill out the funk and thought that may be the issue. It must have been because the thing runs right, now. Nice brown and dry.

I'm rather baffled, but not unhappy. Any ideas?

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