oil injection removing

Yo guys i was looking at my streetmates injection and said f*** it and decided it was best to remove it.

All i do it unscrew the one bolt than it comes out right?

Any help would be loved since i dont want to do this and the whole bike blows up.

Re: oil injection removing

Well, no. That would be bad.

First, drain the oil tank for your bike. Then, remove the pump itself. Then, get some vacuum caps and remove the hose that went from the injector to the CARB. Pull the hose off the carb and put a vacuum cap where the oil line went in.

If you don't do that, you will be very lean (since it's pulling in as much air as it wants) and either your engine won't run, or your engine may seize anyway.

Also, if you're removing it only because of what some certain members tell you (ie, jerry for example), don't worry about it. It's a holy crusade of some people to say that the injectors are junk.


Re: oil injection removing

im just gonna run pre-mix plus the oil injection, oil injection is nice because its controlled by rpms, not throttle.

so if your worried about siezing just run premix along-side.

Re: oil injection removing

Don't do both. Or if you DO both, don't pre mix at 50 - 1. You'll over oil your engine.


Re: no need for oil injection removing

Re: no need for oil injection removing

Typing in this thread is about as useful as scraping your face with a cheeze grater. Only less pleasant.

search for tomos oil injection and read until you

a. vomit

b remove the unit

c. keep it

d. Vomit, then do b or c

Im not sure, but id hazzard a guess that this only provides those on the oil injection platform a reason to debate, and id like to report that both sides are currenly in negotiation in a result to change this forum from a 24/7/365 discussion about tomos oil injection to other topics.

hopefully , not whats better? Puch of motorbecane?

Re: no need for oil injection removing


Re: no need for oil injection removing

PUCH has oil injection for some 2 speed models. mine failed, and removing it was super easy. my motobecanne never did tho. they do however have that sick rubber dipstick string on the gas tank. thats nifty for sure.


Re: Don't forget to fill your reservoir

toe fur threadkiller /

Re: Don't forget to fill your reservoir

topher that is the best lolpic i have seen in a long time!

Re: Don't forget to fill your reservoir

Dude i so love the moby dipstick thing.

Wish all peds had that shit.

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