2003 jincheng knight, 400 miles on it... good quality? Is it worth $700. Im just lookin for somethin to go from A to B. Would this bike do the trick with some form of reliability? Thanks for your time people...

Re: jincheng

Not good...for a few hundred more you could get a Tomos...there's someone selling a motobecane in the buy/sell forums in CT - that thing is beautiful!

In before people flame you for posting about a scoot in a moped forum...

Re: jincheng

sorry, new to the game... Im tryin'.

Re: jincheng

Got a photo of it? It sounds like a scooter.

Re: jincheng

No problem...I fully believe we should all just be helping each other, regardless...we all have two wheels to work with, no matter if they're attached to pedals or not.

There are other options available for that price point - maybe not as quick, but definitely more reliable...I'd check around Craig's List and the Want Ad. Basically, the mantra is if you can't really pronounce it, chances are you'll be fixing it within the year. Parts are the next major issue, since suppliers of these cheap bikes are a dime a dozen but no one stocks the parts. You would be better off buying two and cannibalizing one for whatever you need! But that's neither cost effective, nor a good use of time, since something else is bound to happen.

Re: jincheng

"the mantra is if you can’t really pronounce it, chances are you’ll be fixing it within the year"

I Object. Supposedly the correct way to pronounce 'Puch' is like 'book' but with a 'p'. I can't really do that, but the bikes are pretty reliable.

Re: jincheng

lol nice...you know what I mean....

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