*!%$%# VIDEO CAMERA!!!

I just got this video camera for fathers day...its nice, JVC Everio with a 30gig harddrive. only problem is the file format it records in. I wanted to take a video of my peds but the thing records in a MOD file format. I have been racking my brain for the last 2 days trying to get my video to upload to myspace...anyone else maybe have experience with these? i know its not mopeds but i want my moped video to be online!

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I haven't read through all the comments, but it seems you should be able to get somewhere on this page.


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you might look at a copy of ffmpegx - it converts pretty much any video format into any other video format.

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Here's a link for the Windows version - http://www.videohelp.com/tools/ffmpeg

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i have the same camera in 3 different models. did you get a docking station with yours if so, it uses firewire to direcetly connect as a streaming video source in applications like imovie and windows movie maker.

if it doesnt quickest way is to use the JVC software (really gay) to extract and export clips. if you dont want to be lame you can download other programs that directly convert the .mod to .mov much faster but you have to know which clip you want ahead of time as there is no preview mode.

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I actually returned a harddrive based camera for exactly this sort of reason, they use stupid propreitary formats and also the compression is too high, the video comes out kinda blurry.

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yeah they definately have their place and time. but they suck ass for moped stuff. the Hard Drive based cams cant vibrate or be shaken at all. it will corrupt the footage. really sucks.

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Also if you want a really good camera that is fairly affordable, I love my Canon HV10:


It records crystal clear video at 1920x1080. You will need some decent software like Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere, but the video quality is so far beyond a standard 720x480 camera that its really amazing, especially if you play it on an HDTV.

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If you own a mac, i've heard you can use handbrake to rip video from hdd camcorders. although that's probably a very time intensive option.

Got it

Got it to work as far as uploading the video to myspace, now i just need to figure out how to get it to come up in WMM....anyways heres a vid of my bikes...kinda a lame video but o well


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