Greetings Everyone!

A Tragedy has ensued!!!

Early this morning, my '82 Honda Urban Express was stolen from my back-yard!!!

I am in terrible shock and dismay as I write. As I am doubtful it will see it's return, I will soon start the search for a new baby. While I will for the begining search for another Urban Express, I know they're hard to come-by.

I am from the Louisville, KY area so hopefully any help you can provide closer, the better!

I'm starting w/the ARMY, because I know how great the folks are here, and everyone was so much help when I was first getting into the MOPED game. search of a Honda Urban close to LOUISVILLE, KY.




sorry to hear that. Keep an eye out for it on your local CL. Do you need to register vins in KY? IF so then I would report it stole so if the fool who stole it try to register it it will show up.


Matt Scout The Scouting Dcon /

What color was it and did it have any unique features? Moped riders will chase down other local riders they don't know, so they should definitely keep an eye out for your bike. Also do some walking around the neighborhood. Sometimes the fools can't start it so they just ditch it.


Yeah...I spent about an hour walking around this morning...because last year someone tried stealing it...and did ditch...and I actually caught the d*bag.

Unfortunatly...I didn't have lazy theives this time...they didn't mind pushing.

Not too much unique but:

Has a pad lock dangling on the rear carriage.

Has a worn in "G" in white on the kick-start cover (which was an awesome it was made for me;))

And the exhause housing screw has a lot of welding work to it.

Otherwise, it's black, still has orginial black/silver stickers, a little faded.

Thanks for all the help!

I really want to get another Urban Express, but I’m willing to take suggestions for something of a similar nature. I’d wouldn’t mind something that had an extra 5 or 10 miles to the hour. I had mine pedding at about 30. But really interseted in something that is very similar.

I say this with much trepidation, but not big on actual pedals. I liked the Honda because it still had pegs, but no peds.

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