Re: Minneapolis riders!

I will be at the falls between 2:30 and 3. See you guys there.

Re: Minneapolis riders!

mark ryan!

i think me noel and wade might plan something for next spring.

we'll keep you updated for sure :-)

Re: Minneapolis riders!

howd the ride go, minneapolis?

Re: Minneapolis riders!

It went great. Just Scott, Kim, and me. We cruised around the river parkway and up to the pavilion on lake Calhoon (sp?) for some chili dogs then over to the pride festival for the hell of it. I found out my Kreidler is faster than I thought since at full speed my speedo was reading 25mph and Kim's was saying 35. We need to get some bigger Minneapolis rides going though, swarm the streets and all that.

Re: Minneapolis riders!

To be fair, decker and his friend (I'm terrible with names, sorry) did show up at noon, but had to leave about a half hour before the other group.

So basically, I got to go on two small rides. But yeah, it was awesome. We need to consolidate.


Re: Minneapolis riders!


That was my cousin Anthony. No worries though.


Kreidlers rock. I have a bi turbo and a 17mm Mikuni on mine and I think I am hitting in the 40mph range with everything else stock.

Minneapolis Riders,

Hopefully we all can get together for a ride sometime soon. I don't have internet at home so getting a hold of me on the weekends is kind of hard. Things need to be nailed down during the week for the weekend in order for me to make it on time.

Later people.


Re: Minneapolis riders!

minneapolis! come to eau claire for the fourth, or at least for the fifth/sixth. we have plans for a ride up north to chippewa and maybe hit up the brewery tour/lake, maybe some bbq, brewskis, etc.

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