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I've been looking around at dellorto carbs, and ive come to learn that they have a good deal of different types of carbs. Like they have the SHA and the PHBG, which are the two i seem to hear the most about on this forum, but what are all the others. Do the letters mean anything. I wonder if you could use one of those big ass PHBH 26mm carbs on a moped. I know this is pretty darn random, but im justa wondering.

also what in the world is Spigot style in relation to carburetors?

Re: Dellorto Carbs

You'd need an absurd kit to be able to use a 26mm carb.

Re: Dellorto Carbs

You could use one(25mm) on your moped if you had say a 400cc engine on your moped.

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Re: Dellorto Carbs

the spigot style refers to the way it "connects" to the intake. Basically if you are going to go intake connected to a hose and then to the carb, use a spigot style, if you are going intake straight to the carb, use a clamp style. I sell 95% clamp..occasionally someone requests a spigot...but usually it is for some odd or interesting build.

hope that helps.

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