So i have recemtly been trying to sell my MTN bike and i have run into 3 scammers so far. They want to send me the price of my bike plus 1000 that i need to immediatly wire to a "shipping agent".

Then the scam would be finished by them asking for the remaining money back becaue they dont want the item anymore. So you send the money back, and three weeks later the bank notifies you that the Us Cashires Check was a fake and you are responsible for the money you wired to the guy.

So you are out a lot of dough.

heres the website

Protect yourselfs

I found out before it was too late, Thank God!

And have any of you run into this type of thing, or any scams?


no but i have heard of people taking your license plate, then stealing gas. then when the tapes are looked at from the gas station they see you license plate and come looking for you. be careful out there!!


My partner got hit a few years back by the Nigerians. Same thing. The scam is pretty old, but I guess people still fall for it.

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