What kind of helmet?

I just bought my first moped, a 78 Honda Hobbit, and I need a helmet. I think I understand the pros and cons of full-face verses open face, and I'm willing to risk not buying a full-face. I just want to know, those of you who ride helmets, which helmet do you own? I know its a little work, but brand and model and even a link would be much appreciated.

Also, do you wear any gloves?

Re: What kind of helmet?

JP helmets seem to be popular around here.

Gloves always. I prefer keeping as much skin on my palms in the event of an accident.

Re: What kind of helmet?

honestly cop a cheap fullface and you should be fine. make sure its snell2000 an DOT certified.

What kind of helmet?

Ok, what kind of gloves? Dirt bike? Atv? Or leather?

Thanks for humoring me, I just don't feel like killing myself.

Re: What kind of helmet?

Well, I got into an accident last month and broke my 5th metacarpal. Had gloves on, saved my skin... broke my bone resulting in surgery last week. I was wearing bicycling gloves at the time. Now I'm considering actual street gloves. Seems over the top for a moped but I'm gonna feel alot safer about those plates in my hand.

Re: What kind of helmet?

Open face is all you need /

Full face you're breathing your own exhaled carbon dioxide .. I've gone 10,000 miles through all kinds of weather with my open face .. it's great. Cold weather? Get a used pair of ski goggles.

Re: What kind of helmet?

http://www.motostrano.com/z1rzrsohe.html look it up, seems like a really good helmet, pretty cheap, and full face can save your jaw.

Re: What kind of helmet?

Zack Rineer /

no helmet for me..

Re: What kind of helmet?

no helmet is just being dumb...

Full face is awesome because its cool in the summer and keeps you warm in the winter and you can take the visor off if you want to wear glasses or just want the air.

Gloves are i dunno, ive never worn them and if i do they will probably be like bmx glove type material just so if i fall or my bike skids ill still have some skin on my hands to ride back home.

Re: What kind of helmet?

I just switched to full-faced and I couldn't be happier...I got a GMax 68S 'Crusader' - even has LEDs in the back as extra warning. 9 vents and one of the clearest visors in the market today. Comes with a tinted visor and a smoked LED cover to replace the stock red one, and fleece covers for both the extra visor and helmet. 105.00 brand new shipped from http://store.dsrpowersports.com/20gmcrhewled.html

Review is here:


Webbikeworld helmet of the year 2007 - I speak enough of how much this helmet is awesome lol

As for gloves, I just got a set of Alpinestars S-MX 6 gloves. Good padding both in the grip and on the knuckles, and breathes well. Not hard ballistics, but it'll do compared to my Mechanix Gloves.

Re: What kind of helmet?

I have a Fulmer half helmet and a Fulmer full-face helmet. The first is just the plain ol' Fulmer half-helmet kind, and the second one is a discontinued youth helmet that I got for cheap on Ebay, so I don't think it really matters what the model number is.

I use the half helmet when I go to class because traffic (buses and pedestrians) keep my top speed to about 15mph and because I don't want to lug a full face around between classes.

I use the full face the rest of the time. Someone once posted a diagram... here, this one:

I find that pretty convincing, although I guess I can't say I've thoroughly looked over the study that produced it. I know that now that I've got the full-face, the one time I don't wear it will be the one time I'll need it, and I'm not sure I could ever forgive myself if something did happen and I could have lessened the blow by wearing a helmet I already had.

The half helmet is certainly less restrictive -- it's easier to talk, eat, or call someone on your cell when you're wearing one. You can also hear oncoming traffic better, and you don't have to turn your head quite as much to scan upcoming intersections for idiots who might run into you.

The full-face is warmer in general, which is good when it's cold or even cold-ish outside. It's hotter than the half helmet when you're stopped, but they're really pretty comparable in terms of heat/stuffiness when you're moving. I feel safer in my full-face.

There's an ongoing discussion about whether you want DOT or Snell ratings. Last I heard, DOT is actually safer than Snell for lower speeds (like those achieved on a moped), but I'd be surprised if that debate doesn't resurface here.

Yes, I also wear gloves. If I fall, I am most likely going to put my hands down to catch myself. That doesn't mean I'm not going to f-up the rest of myself, but at least the part that is most likely going to get the most damage is protected with an extra layer. Gloves are also an A+ decision when it's cold or cold-ish outside. As an added bonus, if you're really angry about something, you can strip them off and throw them on the ground angrily. It adds nicely to the effect.

Re: What kind of helmet?

Don't spend a lot of money at a bike shop for gloves. Go to an army navy surplus store and but two pair of leather government issue shooting gloves like these:


You can usually pick them up with their removable wool liners for under $20.00. I have one pair that I've hit the pavement with twice and they didn't tear.

Helmet... it's a matter of personal preference. I don't want to burst anyones bubble here, but someone above said that a full faced helmet is cooler in the summer - that's a bunch of hooey! I have about 8 helmets and two are full faced - the only time I wear them is if I know I have to go out in the rain and they suck anyway because they get foggy.

Spend some money on a comfortable mid/high end helmet and make sure it fits properly, not riding on top of your head like you're wearing a bowler hat. Then after you pay for that, get another. Two of my helmets are "guest helmets" and have not been exposed to my dead brain cells leaking out of my ears. Or sweat.

Re: What kind of helmet?

I just bought a full-face helmet, and it's great -- feels like I'm inside a car! Well, maybe a very small car. There's a little air vent that can ve opened or closed right in the front, and it makes a nice breeze over my face, even at 25-30 MPH. Cool!

Re: What kind of helmet?

I've been riding with a HJC CL-15 helmet for the past year and I love it to death (I hope I don't die in it!). It's really solid, comfortable and does not compress my glasses.

You should always wear a full face helmet. If I were to crash, I'd rather have to deal with the slight discomfort of a full face (which is not a problem) verses the horrible pain and discomfort of having my jaw wired shut.

Re: What kind of helmet?

Re: What kind of helmet?


Re: What kind of helmet?

Believe it or not fiberglas has a shelf life, particularly when exposed to sunlight. Regardless if these helmets have been in a box or not for the past 20+ years I wouldn't trust even a good brand name like Bell if it were 20 years old.

Also, ALL STATES that have mandatory helmet laws require that the helmet be DOT approved. No DOT sticker, no buy.

Re: What kind of helmet?

Z1r makes a good helmet for pretty cheap. Ditto Fulmer.

I recently picked up some Corazzo gloves, and I love them to death. Kevlar in the palms and padding for fingers and knuckles. The also make a pair for $5 more that has carbon fiber knuckle protection, but I found it too uncomfortable.

Re: What kind of helmet? UPDATE:what kind of lock?

Thanks for all the feedback guys. I am definitely more open to a full-face helmet and will look into the gloves you mentioned.

And another question:

What kind of Lock do you use?

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