Tomos rear sprocket

Hey guys for a 22 tooth rear sprocket do you need to do any other modifications? On a tomos streetmate.

and where can you buy 24 tooth rear sprockets?

Re: Tomos rear sprocket

you have to break the chain a link or two.

Re: Tomos rear sprocket

you cant use the normal button head bolts that come on the stock sprocket, go out and buy some smaller ones. i bought some hex bolts that clear the chain/rim/fork at a hardware store, but that and remove prolly 3-4 links of chain and youll be golden, 1977* i dont know if they are carring any right now tho.

Re: Tomos rear sprocket

the drifter /

i was actually suckered into buying from heeters instead of 1977. I changed to a 22 and got an extra 8mph on the top end. Go with the 22, heres 1977 link

Re: Tomos rear sprocket


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