homemade longseat

I couldn't find a cheap longseat for my 40V moby, so I decided i'd make one. Cost me a whopping 6 bucks. Made of plywood, vinyl, and alleyway couch foam.

I think i'm gonna make some more.. try to get em more shaped.

Anyways, it's real easy to do and i think it's a good idea for anyone trying to switch over for a longer seat.


Re: homemade longseat

looks good dude

Re: homemade longseat

I should do this for my ciao. I don't like the stock seat and I can't for the life of me find a replacement.

Re: homemade longseat

yeah people are always looking for longseats hey? i should start a business out of it, but i suck balls at the upholstery part of it... no matter what i do there is always a wrinkle or two!

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