Anyway to tell if my moped is "hot" and


I live in MA and just last week picked up a 1980 Puch Magnum II for $60. It was missing some covers and is a bit beat up(tank dented, rusty) but i got it running in two days so I am happy with it. The guy i got it from had got it for free with a flawless motobcaine he bought from a guy in NH for $200.00 a few years back. The Puch has its lock cylinder intact and unlocked (with no key of course) and the vin plate is still attached. The last registration sticker is a MA one from 1984.

So for all those who have mopeds registered here in MA:

Does the DMV run the vin?

What would happen if it came up as stolen back in 1984?

IS there a way to see if it is stole before going to the dmv?

Here we only need a bill of sale to register these and titles where never issued. I just don't want to deal with the DMV if it was.

Thanks for any info

Re: Anyway to tell if my moped is "hot"

I've registered a shit load of mopeds here in OH with a BOS and they have never ran the vin to see if it was stolen. They just register it... I wouldn't worry about it. When I got a title for my scooter, they did run the plate, but I don't think they are required when no titles are issued.

Re: Anyway to tell if my moped is "hot"

In Michigan they run the VIN but on most of my stuff the VINs are so old they are no longer on file. The problem arises if it does come up stolen, you end "Receiving stolen goods" at the very least you will lose the bike and this seems to be most common, In Michigan you could do time for it but it doesn't mean they will press charges, it's just important to know the risk involved. The important key is to get a complete and signed Bill Of Sale with dates, addresses, and price so that if it comes up "hot" you get to unload the responsibility on someone else. It's also a good sign when they are willing to write one.

Re: Anyway to tell if my moped is "hot"

Totally, BOS is your "Golden Ticket"

Re: Anyway to tell if my moped is "hot"

yeah He never got one and was gone when i picked it up. However i did save is voice mail messages have his name address and telephone number.

I know top tanks are worth a good deal when nice but this bike was far from it.

Anyone from mass care to chime in ?


Re: Anyway to tell if my moped is "hot"

I registered one down in New Bedford, MA about a week ago. All I did was print up a form that asked for the VIN and my address. I brought a bill of sale with me but the lady at the desk just asked for the form and that was it. I gave her $40, she walked in back got a sticker and gave it to me with my form stamped. She didn't even ask me for a license. It didn't appear that they ran any sort of information or anything.

Re: Anyway to tell if my moped is "hot"

there is an option... a shady one, You could go and buy a junk frame with a B.O.S. and swap the VIN plates. This is a crime if the Magnum is stolen! The best thing is to go into the DMV and ask them to run the VIN before you try to register it. Here they didn't ask me for my license or anything in the way of contact info just to run the VIN. I suppose if you're the nervous type and they ask you for this info you can always duck out with the old "Shoot! I left my license in the car" and be on your way. Your story doesn't sound implausible as beat up mopeds aren't worth a ton. Check with your DMV. I have yet to have a bike come up hot and I have had to certify my own ownership and have yet to have one come up hot. It also helps to know your local DMV branch offices, In Michigan some are very helpful and others are run by sadistic moped-hating Nazis. Try to avoid one in a high crime area or an area were people tend to bring them shady stuff frequently. Also dress up nicely, have good breath, be cheerful and pleasant, apologize for your disorganization. In general be a pleasant person because they can either help you out or bury you in paperwork.

Re: Anyway to tell if my moped is "hot"

Yeah, I got the bitch, but I still got the registration and sticker. She ran the VIN and remarked that there was no record of it on file. I know it was registered at one time in '92 because it still had the sticker. I didn't even have the bill of sale. If you do, then you're probqably good to go. There's a good chance that if she couldn't find mine on file, they won't find yours.

You could ask them to run a VIN because you were thinking about buying a ped from some guy you met.

What about the VIN info website? Or does that cost?

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Sorry, I forgot to say that I live in Chicopee.

Oh, and find a FULL service RMV in an out of the way town if you can. They're not usually too busy and seem to be in better moods. Well, except for the bitch I got to deal with, but she gave me my sticker, so I like her now.

Re: Anyway to tell if my moped is "hot"

i live in haverhill they dont ask for a bill of sale or anything just fill out the form and pay the $40 and its done

they dont file nothing my cop friend showed me that when they punch the sticker number in the computer nothing comes up

and when he put in my license number it says vehicles registered:MP which is moped thats it

i only have one registered i just put the sticker on a plate and zip tie it to the ped i feel like riding that day

Re: Anyway to tell if my moped is "hot"

Don't bother with a BOS...just say you got it as a gift...mine was a done deal from there!

Re: Anyway to tell if my moped is "hot"

don't sweat it, they don't even care about the bill of sale. Go to the RMV website and get the moped registration form, fill it out, bring it to the RMV window and hand them $40 and you are good to go for 2 years.

Re: Anyway to tell if my moped is "hot"

2 words, photo shop! photoshop some vin plates on your bike, duh!

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