I have the chance to get a 1994 tomas for $200. the catch is that where the exaust attaches to the manifold , there is a broken bolt(the head of the bolt is brokenwith the other half in the bolt holes. Can i use some special tool or technique to get the remaining bolt out?



theres a special drill bit called an "easy out" that is designed to take care of the problem you have. Go to your loal hardware store and tell them your problem. They should deffinetly have an easy out, or something similar.


Ron Brown /


If a bolt head is broken off because someone has tightened it too tight, you can usually get it out with an "easy-out" because when the head snaps off, the load on the bolt relaxes and the thread loosens up.

Exhaust bolts usually snap because they have become frozen in the hole and shear off when trying to remove them. This does nothing to loosen the bolt. If you try to remove it with an easy-out, you will most likely end up with a frozen bolt with a broken easy-out in the center. This solves all your problems because you can not drill an easy out, it is too hard. So now you can just junk the part you were working on and buy a new one. Or.....

If the bolt still prodrudes from the surface of the surrounding metal enough to get vise grips on it, apply some heat from a propane torch and liberal applications of liquid wrench or similar. Clamp the vise grips on the bolt and try to turn the bolt a very small amount in either direction. The bolt is flexible and will twist a small amount. By carefully twisting it back and forth, you have a chance of working the liquid wrench into the thereads until it breaks loose. If it is too difficult, let it soak for a day and try again.

If the bolt is broken off flush, or after the above method has failed and you have chewwed off the bolt end, center punch the bolt, flatten the end with a file if necessary and drill it very straight with a small drill, about 1/8".

This is the most important hole so have someone verify that the drill is perfectly straight and centered in the bolt.

Then select a drill somewhat smaller than the root diameter of the thread and re-drill the hole. You should now be able to see how close to the center of the hole you really are.

Select a drill which will just break through the thread root on the closest side and drill again. Often, when you are doing this, the remaining thread will break loose and you can twist it out with a pick or small screwdriver.

In any event, you will eventually be able to pick out the remnants of the bolt.

If the thread in the hole is destroyed, buy a "Heli-Coil" kit of the correct size from an auto parts and follow the directions.

When you finally replace the bolts, use anti-seize on the threads before re-assembly, you will love yourself next time you have to take it apart.

Good luck.


HI, I am a certified mechanic, You have been give great and accurate advice on the broken bolt. The first few I worked on I screwed up and broke bits and easy outs,I`m lots better now-HA! The cost of a cylinder is pretty great, You should take it to a machine shop (small shop) Talk to them about fixing on frame. Probally spend $20, but thing of what you could destroy! Good Luck DOUG


And just to clarify.... Easy-Outs are not "drill bits" that you put in a drill and spin rapidly (I've seen somebody do that!)... they are to be turned very slowly and carefully by hand with a tap holder ..or crescent wrench if you are very careful.


If you can find or borrow, get a set of reverse drill bits. As you drill, if the bit catches,it will try to unscrew the stud.


Reeperette /

Believe it or not, it's a fairly common problem with Tomos to have this happen, right up there with the cylinder bolts stripping, rare - but happens often enough to be a pain in the rear.

Replacement cylinder may cost, but try looking for a used one from MopedJunkyard, depending on what they want for one, it might well be worth it in the hassle you save, but then, replacing the lower cylinder is almost as much trouble.

I say find your local shade-tree handyman, (you know, the 50-ish guy with half a million tools and a grouchy disposition) and see if you can possibly bribe him to pull that broken bolt for you.

But for the price, yeah, buy that Tomos.


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