I cant stop thinking about Matts folks

I know this isnt the place for this but I just have to get it across to the young guys and gals out there what it does to the Mom and Dad when they lose a child , when My son died I thought I would die with him the sounds that came out of me were such that I couldnt believe I was making them , it hurts like a burning thing that you cant get away from and you want to run away from the pain but you cant , I dont know why Im telling you this maybe so you will be more careful no parent should ever have to endure this


Re: I cant stop thinking about Matts folks

Me either.

Let me add my own perspective, though, as a member of the "youth."

The other night, my dad freaked out when I rode my moped home from work (in the dark, at 11pm). He's not real thrilled about the moped business to begin with, but that's because he worries about my safety -- he just doesn't want me getting hurt. I appreciate his concern and realize that he's only freaking out because he cares, but at some point, he has to let me choose my own path, even if it's one he doesn't particularly like.

I can't imagine the pain you feel when you lose I child. It's not something I even want to _begin_ to imagine because the pain of losing a friend or even someone you didn't know well is bad enough.

Most people here ride mopeds because they love doing it. They love to ride, they love to fix, and they love hanging out with people who share their addiction. That's how I feel, anyway, and I don't think I'm alone.

Here's the main point, though: ALL of us are someone's kid, someone's friend, or (in some cases) someone's parent. We ALL have people who love us and would suffer tremendously if we were gone, and we ALL take the risk of dying each and every time we ride. Should we ALL stop riding just because we want to save our friends and family the heartache just in case we die riding mopeds?

No, we shouldn't stop riding. If you love what you're doing, you shouldn't stop. Maybe that's selfish of me to say, but I think I should be allowed to indulge my obsession, even if it is a little more dangerous than other activities like chess or knitting. I think it would also be selfish of my friends and family to ask me to give up something I love just to spare them some worry.

If anything, Matt's story proves the limits on the idea of being careful. It doesn't matter how careful YOU are; it's the rest of the world you have to watch out for. Unfortunately, it is impossible to always predict the actions of other drivers, and this can have tragic consequences.

You're right. No parent, friend, or other loved one should ever have to endure that kind of pain. But if that's the case, we should all stop riding right now. The only way to prevent yourself from dying while riding a moped is to stop riding.

I doubt there's a single person on here who hasn't been affected by this tragedy. It's a slap in the face, a kick in the stomach, and a reality check that we are doing something that can be dangerous. I wish we could do what we love without putting ourselves in danger and making our loved ones worry, but those two things are mutually exclusive in this day and age and for this particular addiction. It's give and take -- each party has to understand each other's feelings and be willing to compromise.

Re: I cant stop thinking about Matts folks

I am fighting with similar issues - like is it really worth saving 200$ a month on gas to ride my moped rather than be safe in my Saab 95, paying $4.75 per gallon?

I love my ped, i save a lot of money (it will pay for itself by the end of summer), and its a blast. But is it worth saving the extra cash and sacrafice the safety?

One of my best friends was rear ended by a f250 pickup going 60 while he was in a little 240Z - no airbags, only a lap belt - and he's a C5/C6 quad now. I traded in my 80 VW rabbit sport truck the next week, and got a nice safe Saab 95, despite the 20mpg and premium fillup's, all for safty. I complain about it all the time, but then i remember why i bought it.

Its rough, I didn't know Matt at all, but its amazing how one thing like this can really bring people together. Sounds like he had a pretty amazing family - what a blessing.

Re: I cant stop thinking about Matts folks

Hello, I am very new to this message Board and I am very sad to see a funeral fund for a kid killed on a moped. Me 25 always wanted a moped as a kid, I just bought one last Friday after about 12 years wanting one. And to here this story really saddens me he was only a teenager with his whole life ahead of him. Words can not expressed how his Mother and Father must feel. We must be careful there is many dangers in this world and ridding a Moped is one of them. I will likely never buy a motorcycle because I just to afraid of the dangers. God Bless


Re: I cant stop thinking about Matts folks

What happened to Matt is a terrible tragedy, and a reason to get a lot tougher on drunk drivers. I said in another post that I thought drunk drivers should be charged with first degree murder, and I still feel that way. Getting into a car and driving when you know you are drunk makes it both premeditated, and done while comitting a felony (driving drunk). Drinking and driving has become such a part of American culture, that it would seem to be impossible to stop. Maybe the possibility of a death sentence or life in prison without possibility of parole would make a dent in it, I don't know. You must remember that Matt was not doing anything wrong, and the moped had nothing to do with it. He could just as easily have been walking down the sidewalk when a drunk driver swerved off the road and hit him. I recently gave my 16 year old daughter a moped, and a helmet, and after spending several months teaching her how to ride it. She has shown herself to be a skilled and responsible rider. I am now torn between letting her keep the moped, or taking it away from her. I'll probably let her keep it, and worry myself to death about it. I no longer have parents, but I do have 2 daughters to think about. And I myself was seriously injured a couple of years ago after being hit by a truck while riding a moped. But, I have continued to ride mopeds and motorcycles, and participate in drag racing, and will continue to do so as long as I am physically able to. I would never trade a 240Z (one of my favorite cars) for something big and boring, because it MIGHT be safer. A tragedy like this definitely makes you stop and think, but you just can't give up living, and all the things you enjoy, because something bad MIGHT happen. You could slip and fall in the shower, hit your head, and die. Life is not safe, and it never will be. This is where common sense comes in. I wouldn't try to jump 20 busses on a motorcycle either. But it is not in my nature to give up the risks of living for the relative safety of existing. Life must have meaning and purpose, and a life without meaning or purpose is no life at all. As much as I would like to lock my kids up in a padded room to protect them, I can't do that. They have their lives to live, and they will have to live their lives their way, with only a little butting in once in a while by me. Peace. Jerry.

Re: I cant stop thinking about Matts folks

To anyone of the hundreds of users of this site who hasn’t donated yet….

The number of contributions is up to 56! ummmmmmmmm…...

Just think about what you spend on everything from moped parts to carb cleaner etc.

Please consider donating to Matt’s favorite endeavor to honor his memory and keep his spirit alive!

He was one of us and an awesome contributer and member of the MA family and his family deserves our support!

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