ATF Type F vs Type Fa

I tried searching and I'm coming up with little to no answers.

What is the difference between Type F and Type Fa?

I think I've heard everything from "all ATF is the same" to "you'll blow your tranny if you use the wrong stuff"

Please reply if you know what you're talking about. Or at least state that it is your opinion and not fact.

Re: ATF Type F vs Type Fa

FA is the new replacement to type F

i use it cause thats all i can get here

Re: ATF Type F vs Type Fa

They sell Type F at EVERY auto parts store here in the NATI.

Re: ATF Type F vs Type Fa

They have FA here as well. The NAPA guys insist type F and type A are extinct when I have a quart of type F from K'zoo in my van right now. It's made by a subdivision of Ford.

Thank you Ford. <3

i just bought some FA

The parts guy at this place actually knows his stuff and he said Fa is just the newer version of F

Re: ATF Type F vs Type Fa

Well smarty. If you would have read my first post you would have noticed that i did do a web search and came up with nothing.

Why don't you do some more searching before flaming me.

Thank you.

Re: ATF Type F vs Type Fa

Ok I have a quart of Fa that i bought from NAPA a couple of weeks ago so it does exsist.

I also have a quart of Type F that i bought from Autozone last night so that still exsists and is currently be sold.

As far as the difference/similarity goes....i have no Idea still.

But I will use the Type F for my E50 cause that's what the manual says. Of course it also tells me not to use Unleaded which baffles me.



Re: ATF Type F vs Type Fa

I also got a bottle of type f from autozone. just added it last night.

Re: ATF Type F vs Type Fa

michael moore /

type F is for fords and FA is new ford application ,type A is theb same as mercon 111,i found some type A at kangaroo station but was same as the mercon 111,

Re: ATF Type F vs Type Fa

You're good using type F in your E50. I've never seen that debated. As for the unleaded gas note...

Re: ATF Type F vs Type Fa

As to your question on the unleaded in the E50:

I am told that unleaded had additives back in the day that were not recomended on the E50. However, todays gas is supposed to be OK to use. That's what I have heard.

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