Hey Puddle Cutters...

We're (Dawn and I) going to be in Portland June 23rd-29th for the annual AWMA (Air and Waste Management Association) conference and would love to come to "hold my beer" for a while.

Anyway Me and my girl Dawn could hook up some loaners? The favor will be repaid next year at the Denver rally.

If not no big deal, but expect at least two "Spokesmen" to a least show up and lurk at some point.

Got an itinerary or a contact that you could share?


Spokesmentor Derek

Hey Puddle Cutters...

FYI, Derek is a stand-up guy and will take care of anything loaned out to him.

Re: Hey Puddle Cutters...

eric sabatino is organizing loaners, shoot him an email(on his profile). the itinerary will be up on puddlecutters.net soon. see you soon

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