what do you think?

Roketa retro scooter, 49cc... brand new for $1000. Is it worth it? Is the quality on this scooter any good? Is it Chinese or Euro? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated... Thank you.

Re: what do you think?

not worth it at all

Re: what do you think?

Read this break>

Obviously that's just one person's opinion, but there are some good points in there too.

I also think that mopeds are way cooler than scooters and for about $1000 you could get yourself a new or almost new Tomos.

Re: what do you think?

1What? you only want to ride it a year? Buy a cheap 50cc scoot and don't bother with any of this stuff. Realize that 150cc in not considered an moped break> Snag one of these, they're in your price range, the quality and dealer support is great and you'll look a hell of a lot cooler on it!

Re: what do you think?

But get pedals for comfort /

Yup .. that's a nice Tomos, and it will endure until the fire falls from heaven .. but on a long trip pedals allow you to change position of your feet and legs .. notso with pegs. Also, stay away from electric start .. not needed at all and just something to break down .. extra weight for battery, etc.

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