Puch ~OR~ Moby

Okay so over the weekend i actually got to start working on my new Pinto and ive got to say i think i may be a fan of it...maybe a little more than my moby.

1.First off, i think it is way easier to peddle, maybe my mobys messed up but this pinto peddles very easliy

2.This pinto is super easy to work on. Everything is accesable, and i love that i can take the tank off to clean it!

3. The exhaust is awesome because it goes all the way to the back of the bike. It seems like when i ride my moby i come off of it smelling like exhaust.

Now, as for the moby, i love the style and simply put, the pinto cannot compare. What do you guys think? Puch > Motobecane? or Motobecane > Puch. But I still love both of them i just wanna see what everyone thinks.


the answer is simple.

Re: Moby!

***Vanilla Thunder*** /


Re: Puch ~OR~ Moby

Well.....I've had 2 Puchs - a Magnum and a now a rigid. Love them both.


Nothing turns heads like my Moby....and very few bikes are as fast as it.

Yo...that pedaling thing with you Moby? You know there's a disengage switch you have to turn to put it in full pedal mode. It's actually easier to pedal than a Puch because the engine is totally disengaged....where as on an E50 the pain gear is still turning.

Pintos are RAD though. Great bike.

Re: Puch ~OR~ Moby

***Vanilla Thunder*** /

speaking of which did you stil need some of those moby parts dude? theyre going fast.

Re: Puch ~OR~ Moby

hmm yes i do disengage it but it is still way harder to peddle...o and by the way i love that feature on the moby....dunno why the pinto doesnt offer that...o well

Re: Puch ~OR~ Moby

yea the checks in the mail. should be there today with any luck. email me when you get the list... i forget exactly what is on it, so just let me know what i can get based on your inventory.

Re: Puch ~OR~ Moby

Motobecane FTW!

Re: Puch ~OR~ Moby

mobys are more... french... in more ways than one.

i love em both but i started on motobecane, and i have to say to be a good moby mechanic u have to have alot of dedication and patience.

there is a: "#$&! I'm about to give up" moby topic like every other week.

in the end working on mobys has made me a stellar puch mechanic, if ur a moby guy w/o a puch u should try it sometime.

Re: Puch ~OR~ Moby

and to relate it to starwars:

Mobys are the way of the Jedi

Puch is the dark side of the force.

Re: Puch ~OR~ Moby

^ ----agreed.

Re: Puch ~OR~ Moby


thats my lightsaber

Re: Puch ~OR~ Moby

Cleats Onionpockets /

Puch, small, solid, nimble, easy to tune and diagnose

Moby, big soft, comfy, a truely relaxing ride.

I'd take moby, and I've been preaching puch for a long time.

I just got a moby running and rode it....it's changed my whole perception

Re: Puch ~OR~ Moby

im gonna have to say moby on this one.

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