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Hi guys,

I just got a hold of an an old Indian Moped that was found in a collpased barn. I am looking to fully restore it but I don't know how to find out what year the bike is. From the little research I've done it looks to be a 1977-1980 vintage. My questions?

I have what I believe is the VIN Number (It is the number on the neck of the bike) is there a way to look that up and obtain the year?

If not do these bikes differ greatly between model year?

Any good places to get parts for theses things? I

have 3 motorcycles now and haven't had a moped since I was a kid but with this being an Indian it intrigued me so I am looking to get this thing restored ASAP. It looks similar to the attached picture with the web wheels but it is black.

Thanks Scott


Re: Indian Moped

unless you are _really_ into that moped, i'd suggest finding someone who's an indian collector and sell it to them

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First off....those snowflake wheels are super rare. Great score.

Secondly....there's only one source of parts for those in the world.

I'm not making this up.

Google Indian moped parts and you'll hopefully find the guy who bought THE ENTIRE INDIAN MOPED LINE back in 1983. He's got pretty much everything you could want....not joking. MY buddy got some stuff that he thought would never exist, but this guy has it. All NOS stuff. He literally bought a container of parts from the bankrupt company.

Google it. It's your only option other than selling than thing.

Re: Indian Moped

Tom B on this site has an extensive Indian collection.

Re: Indian Moped

Alright! Way to get an awesome bike. As for the year, there isn't a huge difference at all that I know of other than the carb. Tilliston or Mikuni, or a Keihin. Mikuni is best

It is an awesome bike, but it isn't _really_ an Indian. It's actually a guy that bought the rights to use the Indian name and built a moped with a Honda PC50 engine. There are no mod parts but tuned just right with a derestricted muffler, it can hit 35-40.

There are 3 places I know of to get Indian parts.


2) Bob - the guy that bought the crates (

3) The usual peer to peer places

The BEST resource for EVERYTHING is a thread here.

"Indian Moped Goodies":

Best viewed in threaded view.

Enjoy and keep us posted!

Re: Indian Moped

Thanks for all the suggestions, i will be tearing into the project this weekend and will probably be bugging you guys with all kinds of questions. Thanks again!!

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