easy mount for registration stickers in MI

Alright here's my problem: Any of you from Michigan know about our lame registration stickers. They're great for being cheap and easy to get but a pain in the arse to put on your bike per the instructions (back fender in plain view). Most mopeds don't have enough room below the tail light, above the tail light is obscured by the rack. I've seen people stick them on the sides of fenders, wrapped around sideways, and all kinds of ugly things done in a futile attempt to be compliant. What's worse? Sticking that cheesy strip of vinyl on your fresh paint!

No more ladies and gentlemen! I've tried several things but the best by far was a V05 shampoo bottle, Simply peal the label off and stick your sticker to it. Then cut around it with scissors leaving an inch of extra plastic on the top. Drill or cut a hole pencil diameter in that extra inch and attach to your bike via the bottom tail light bolt (remove that clunky plate holder while you're at it). OF course after doing this it _COULD_ be possible to move it from moped to moped but none of us _WOULD_ do that now would we?

Re: easy mount for registration stickers in MI

Jake Shaughnessy /

i have a cottage there and am goin to be doin somthin very similar. I was thinkin about weldin up a plate that will bolt onto the back tire and just put it on what ever ped i feel like riding.

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