EBR forks speedo combo

Hello All,

I bough a set of the maxi length EBR forks for my newport and I was wondering what everyone else was doing for mounting their speedo to them. The OEm forks had a hole on the top triple clamp but not such hole or room exsists on the new forks. I suppose i could make a bracket to use the handle bar pinch bolts.

What have others done. I do want to keep the speedo. I know other people just ditch it but even though its no where near accurate I thought about keeping it.

I guess another alternative is bicycle sytle speedo......

Post pics if you've got em.

Re: EBR forks speedo combo

puch already makes that braket depending on the model. use the existing one.

Re: EBR forks speedo combo

alright gimme a minute and i'll take a picture to illustrate.

Re: EBR forks speedo combo

i don't like my ebrs.

Re: EBR forks speedo combo

ok check the attached pic for comparison.


Re: EBR forks speedo combo

What do you not like about them?

Re: EBR forks speedo combo

all rite G i've got the same for on the same bike (almost) and I care for them a great deal. as for the speedo, I took the bolt from the top right side of the EBR handlebar and ran it through the existing speedo mounting whole it makes locking down the new handle bars difficult (because the speedo is now in the way) but not impossible. that being said the speedo bracket is mangled a bit when you lock it down and the gauge sits a little to the left but nothing that is too extreme. I'm not saying that is the best way to go but it worked for me

Peace Ben k.

Re: EBR forks speedo combo

the turning radius sucks. theyre also pretty flimsy and cheaply built for how much money they were. but definitely an upgrade from stock.

Re: EBR forks speedo combo

yeah the OEM ones were very flimsy and I felt way safer on a tricycle. I think these seem a bit more rugged but I'll see how well I feel at speed with them.

When I bought the Newport I barely got it to run. The fastest I went was about 20mph down hill to the corner store. Since I've torn it completely apart and I'm doing an entire rebuild.

I went back and forth about getting the Hydraulic forks but finally went with the regular EBRs to help keep project cost lower.

Are you rocking the Stabilizer bar on yours? I was thinking about adding that at a later point to help with handling, especially with my higher weight of 200lbs.

Re: EBR forks speedo combo

I'll give that a try and see how i like it. Though I imagine that my anal side will kick in and I'll end up making a custom bracket to center it up. I'm starting to think that it is going to be a rather bulky unecessary piece that I don't need on my handle bars.

I was thinking that I needed it to keep accurate mileage but who cares. I'm so finacially bound to this thing now that I'll never get my $ back if I sell it.

Re: EBR forks speedo combo

the stabalizer makes a world of difference. they feel so much stronger. and they will help your ebrs from getting tweaked. ebrs are solid IMO

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