moby fix up

so i made a jig to get my moby's motor mounts out. and now i need the bushings. i went to autozone but the ones there seemed to small. im thinking about tryin napa or a moped/motorcycle shop in Chippewa.

Re: moby fix up

Did you check out the pro energy/ pro urethane/ energy suspension, endlink bushing? I can't remember the exact name ... They slide right in the shells but they expand when you press the sleeves back in. the ones i got were pink, not my favorite color but an incredible improment over busted ass old rubber

Re: moby fix up

Mike Scouty McScoutington /

Order them from quarterkick. they are the proper ones for the bike and they are fair both in price and quality.

Re: moby fix up

I got some stock replacements from, fast shipping.

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