Does anyone know how to de-restrict a honda SFX Sports??? All info would be greatly appreciated. Pls email me at Thanks

Re: HONDA SFX Sports

There are 2 possibilities:

1. Your bikes has got a ristricted CDI-unit. Solution, replace CDI-unit for a Takegawa Hyper CDI-unit. This unit is reasonably cheap compared to other performance units and the quality of Takegawa parts is very good. Instead of a restricted ignition you'll now have a performance advancing ignition wich will allow the engine to do very high revs.

2. Your bike has got a seperate ristrictor unit. Restrictors have 1 or 2 wires. The 2 wire type has one wire going to the ignition system and an earth wire, cut the wire to the ignition system. The type with only one wire is frame-mounted, so it doesn't need an earth wire, the only wire it's got is going to the ignition system, cut this wire. You've now got an unrestricted ignition system. This'll allow the engine to rev higher, but not as high as an advancing ignition will allow. Replace the CDI-unit for the Hyper CDI-unit mentioned above for a maximum performance.

With the Hyper CDI-unit the engine can do very high revs, it could even go over 15000 rpm. There is a chance however that the engine can't handle revs this high so don't open up the throttle too sudden. If the flywheel or the clutch is too heavy for such revs the crankshaft could break and that will completely destroy the engine.

Mopeds usually have two more types of restriction, the carburettor is too small and the exhaust is designed to resist the exhaust gasses from passing through the exhaust easily. Get a carburettor of the same size as the intakeport of the engine with a powerfilter and get an exhaust with as little restricton as possible. Do NOT forget to calibrate the carburettor propperly, the right size jets, the correct needle height and the right airscrew setting.

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