Backfiring from Bad Exhaust?

Hi everyone,

I am running a puch magnum mark II with 70cc tccd kit and 15mm bing and bullet pipe.

Recently, whenver I top out my speed, around 30-35, the exhaust starts to "pop" and "sputter", causing me to slow down, and making me go slower for some time.

Is this from a bad, clogged exhaust? Or something else? Any seasoned mopeders know what my problem is?



Re: Backfiring from Bad Exhaust?

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

sounds like your rotor has slipped. reset it on the keyway, and you will be blasting much faster.

ive done this twice so far :(

Re: Backfiring from Bad Exhaust?

hes prolly right, backfiring is almost always caused by a cloggedexhaust or bad timing. but if you arent backfiring when you try to start it its not the exhaust

Re: Backfiring from Bad Exhaust?

its either the timing, or you have burned a hole in your piston.


Re: Backfiring from Bad Exhaust?

What do you mean by "reseting it on the keyway?" Where or how do I do this? Sorry for any ignorance, I just don't really understand. Never encountered before.


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