custom carburetor

Does anyone know what other type of carburetor I could replace my carburetor for my 1980 honda express 2 with? This is the last step in my very long moped rebuilding project, but has proved to be the most challenging. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

Re: custom carburetor

I've seen dellorto sha's adapted to that bike. You'll need to find or fabricate an adapter from the flange type mount to something the sha can clamp on.

Re: custom carburetor

Dellorto seems to be the choice of most builders but the Idle circuit is a little weak. Myself I'm partial to Mikuni, You should be able to find a used one cheap. Walbro diaphragm carbs are dirt cheap and have adjustable jets, though they don't have very good mid range performance. I'm waiting to see some more experimenting with Chinese scooter carbs. Amal carbs are nice as well but I don't have any experience with those.

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