Air moped!

Home Made Moped Runs On Fresh Air

By Charlie Sorrel April 18, 2008 | 6:42:20 AMCategories: Environment, Hacks, Transportation

Jem Stansfield's moped uses tanks of compressed air to power a pair of rotary engines, which drive the rear wheel via chains. Because the air comes from the same supplies as those used by divers and firefighters, Stansfield says that the bike's emissions are actually cleaner than regular city air. Recharging is fast, too, but as the moped only has a range of seven miles and a top speed of 18mph, that's pretty essential.

We can see this converted Puch being useful for short runs, though, and Stansfield himself suggests that you could "run a fleet of delivery bikes on it."

Next up: Money that grows on trees.

Air-powered scooter leaves city centres cleaner [Motorcycle News]

Re: Air moped!

if he had an air compressor on the bike and it could hit 30 mph that would be insane, you could ride forever

Re: Air moped!

how would you power the air compressor? Gas generator? HA! waste of time and energy.


Re: Air moped!

ahah yea i was just saying the same thing lol, , unless the gas wasted that makes the bike move also had another sporket on the other side turning a compresser then it would go forever!! aha

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