steves mopeds ?


i was wondering if anyone purchased a moped from them recently.


Re: steves mopeds ?

i bought some parts there once. i was stoked with the service. homeboy called me up 10 minutes after i made an online order to confirm that i knew about the parts that i bought, and wanted to just offer me some tips and advice.

he also knew that i needed the parts quick, so he went immediately to the post office to drop them off.

nice enough guy.

Re: steves mopeds ?

They used to have a bad reputation, but it seems to have improved. Not sure if there was ever a real problem with them, or just somebody complained because something didn't work out the way they wanted it to. One rotten customer can do a lot of damage to a business by starting rumors about them on forums. A certain Solex person says they are ok. Peace. Jerry.

Re: steves mopeds ?

daFishSticks /

the weren't too happy over the phone, told me to email them, which i did and i never got a response. :(

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