Almost got 2 grand for my janky

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It was comical. The sign said $4.59 for 87. Some ppl over on the next island musta broke the gas pump trying to fill their hippo, er Silverado dually on $40. I start to put $2 flat in my KTM and a Lexus driver on my island starts asking how fast it goes etc. I passed on the rumors I heard about 3-month waiting lists for a toilet, er scooter. Then he asks me if I would sell it. I tell him I'll take 2 grand cash. He offered me his Lexus straight across. I've been pedding for 6 yrs straight and don't plan to stop so I said I'd rather have the 2 G's. Yeah I could have had an all-TOMOS garage (minus my '84 Sabre 1100) but in the meantime I would have been stuck with this <i>cage</i> in the driveway

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some weirdo stopped in my girlfriend's driveway one time and asked if she would take $100,000 for her QT50. pretty sure it was a joke but the guy seemed insane! i honestly think she could have gotten $4000 out of the dude though, no joke...

Re: Almost got 2 grand for my janky

Feel good story of the year.

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HAHA i dont know who woulda got the better deal the guy with the lexus or you... id take a moped over a lexus

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it's a great story, and one that makes me kind of excited for the future...but also worried for the day when a puch maxi is a $3000 bike!

if i was on my '82 express and that happened to me, i'd probably have to say "not for sale"....too much emotional attachment...

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