Kinetiic Mopeds?

Brian J. Mader /

Anyone out there a Kinetic Rider? I'm curious about these Mopeds................are they as good as Tomos?

Re: Kinetiic Mopeds?

i've peronally never ridden one, but im pretty sure the general consensus would be "NO."

Re: Kinetiic Mopeds?

Since they could be a Vespa clone. The question might also be are they good as a Vespa?

Re: Kinetiic Mopeds?

i had one. the headlight is crap cheep plastic junk outher than that i liked mine untell i sold it

Re: Kinetiic Mopeds?

no, i have two and they are nowhere near as good as a tomos.

if you are strapped for cash and want a moped, they are ok... they will run and get you places, but they will break down on you, so make sure you're ok with wrenches and stuff. the engines and frames are ok, its the peripherals that will break down on you.

if you have the money, get a tomos... or a vespa (considering the clone issue).

dont buy one for more than a pittance, cause they arent worth any more than that, unless it's brand new, i wouldnt spend more than $250. i got my 95 (in shitty condition, but runs well) for $75 and my '03 in good condition for $120 and some music stuff ($300 total)

good luck, look me up if you need more help. ive probably stuck with my kinetics for longer than most people on here, so i figure im getting to be an expert. lol

Re: Kinetiic Mopeds?

tough bikes, not too fast but reliable and not too god damn hard to find parts for, engine parts mesh with piaggio ciao stuff, i had one, it go ran over by a truck, it ran great all bent up w/out pedals for like 5 months. alas this bent up ol junker was stolen, but i kicked ass every day until then

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