stabil is the bomb!

I went for my first ride today, my Hobbit has not run since last season, It fired on the first kick! Died but restarted imediatly! Fuel is fine! 25:1 mix, super rich I know but it is factory spec. I went on a 15 mile ride today and had a blast! Use Stabil everyone!

Re: stabil is the bomb!

When I store a moped for several months, I drain the carb, drain the tank, and fill it with cheap 4 stroke oil, remove the plug, and squirt some oil into the cylinder, kick it over, and put the plug back. When it's time to get it going again, I drain out the oil, pour in premix, air up the tires, and fire it up. Peace. Jerry.

Re: stabil is the bomb!

keller_stephen /

That sounds like a good idea, but kind of messy, where do you dispose of the "used" oil from the tank in the spring? I will keep that in mind for long term storage(years) I once left stabilized fuel in the same Hobbit for 4yrs! It still started up, ran crappy till all that fuel burned out of it. But it still started! I always drain the carb for storage, I also spray some fogging oil into cylender.

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