Honda Camino problems

I took everything apart and I mean everything to clean it.

But now I can't get the crank-shaft ( I hope I used the right translation )

back into the two plates, the opening of the plates for the two round things ( don't know the translation we call it 'rollementen' ) doesn't seem to be big enough anymore. I measured its diameter and the ones of the plates are 4.175 cm

and the 'rollementen' are 4.2 mm! What happened? Could the cold in my garage have shrunk these a bit?

Help me, plz!

The C

Re: Honda Camino problems

Ron Brown /

If it came out, it will go back in.

Yes, your cold garage is a problem. Take the cases in the house and examine the bearing housings to make sure you have not dinged the edges while trying to install the crank. If you have, scrape the edges until clear.

Leave the crank-shaft in the cold garage, warm the cases til you can only just hold them with your hands.

Put it together.

Good luck,


Re: Honda Camino problems

wtf is a rolementen??????? i think it is the pin for the piston. well just bang it gently in with a hammer and a screw driver. DONT break anything

Re: Honda Camino problems

I think he's trying to say he cant get the crankshaft bearings to fit into the crankcase halves. Place the bearings on the crankshaft and put your crankshaft with the bearings in the freezer. While they cool down (and shrink) you've got to heat the crankcase halves so they'll expand so you can fit the crankshaft into the crankcase fairly easy.

I see your using, so your Belgian right? Because your English doesn't appear to be outstandingly good, I'll write the same advice here in Dutch.


Ik denk dat je bedoelde dat het je niet lukte om de krukaslagers in de carterhelften te krijgen, of anders de krukas in de lagers. Leg de krukas in de vriezer zodat hij krimpt. Terwijl je krukas aan het afkoelen is verwarm je de carterhelften met een verfbrander. Door de warmte zetten ze uit. Nu kan je de krukas, de lagers en de carterhelften makkelijk in elkaar zetten. Let wel even goed op dat de versnellingsbakgoed zit. De ingaande as van de versnellingsbak wil ook wel eens moeite hebben om door de lager te gaan bij deze kou, maar als je ook de lager voor de versnellingsbak-as verwarmt moet dit ook makkelijk gaan.

Ik heb overigens een internetsite over Honda viertaktbrommers, die zou je best wel interessant vinden denk ik.



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