master BOSTON moped ride, vol. II

the other thread got too big. can we pick one weeknight to agree on for a weekly evening moped ride? that way, we wouldnt have to do all this planning and fussing - people who can show up will show up, and people who cant, wont.

like, we could agree on a certain place to meetup and stuff. i think this would be a lot better than exchanging a million emails with a million people.

also, i just rode out to waban - nice quiet ride on a saturday morning, but a little slow betting all the way back up the gargantuan hills to jp.

Re: master BOSTON moped ride, vol. II

B r e n d a n C a m p b e l l /

i am down for something like that...i think it will work out....anything that happens on the weekend can be a bonus.

wednesdays or thursdays are good by me.

for planning purposes, i live in davis sq and work in copley.

Re: master BOSTON moped ride, vol. II

yeah, i can basically do any evening after work over the summer.

Re: master BOSTON moped ride, vol. II

monday and wednesday work for me, if bones is ever fixed.

Re: master BOSTON moped ride, vol. II

so far, 2 votes for wednesday. i am an uncommitted superdelegate in this contest, and will throw my support behind whatever date gets the most votes.

Re: master BOSTON moped ride, vol. II

Wednesdays or Thursdays are good. I really like this idea. What would you guys think about Kenmore as a meeting place?

Re: master BOSTON moped ride, vol. II

Wednesday-Thursday is great.

In fact, any night is. I loved Moped Mondays in San Fran with the Creatures....maybe an east coast version of that!

Susan....I'm pretty good with Moby engines....what's happening with yours? What's it doing?

I've got some extra parts you could have a 13mm carb and intake (the 30mph carb!).

Anywho....lemme know! I'm moving to Davis/Porter area with my girlfriend in a few weeks. For now I'm stuck in the Concord area or over in Coolidge Corner with my brother.

Re: master BOSTON moped ride, vol. II

oh man, its looking like wednesday is going to be the nominee.

anyone around today?

Re: master BOSTON moped ride, vol. II

kenmore doesnt really have a great spot to gather anymore, though it is centrally located. actually, maybe over by the fenway would be a little better. that would also be a nice nice midpoint between the jp people (like me), and the cambridge people.

Re: master BOSTON moped ride, vol. II

the better question is what is it not doing, and the answer to that would be 25mph! it's the 25mph engine (according to the label, i have my suspicions about engine espionage!), but it barely gets 18.

new spark plug, new points, new condenser. total exhaust cleaning and swapping. tim and i took the entire engine apart and cleaned it (the cylinder, piston head, a ton of little nooks and crannies, etc.). no dice!

right now bones needs a new petcock, which i should be ordering soon. (maybe today!)

otherwise as far as i know he runs (i haven't been able to ride him because he is having a little GAS SPILLAGE PROBLEM).

if you would like to look at him, then i can certainly prepare him for viewing (he needs a good cleaning and some rebuffing now probably). and if you have any parts that could make him go faster i will BAKE YOU A PIE. or maybe just say thanks.

coolidge corner isn't too far from me. when i get his environmental pollution issue under control i will let you know and maybe drop by and bones can drive you to tears, too!

Re: master BOSTON moped ride, vol. II

i must say, i love this idea. the shaw's parking lot would be a possibility? or any of the "side" streets off of the riverway. there's a twisty maze of pretty quiet streets over by northeastern that i think would work. i will scope it out next time i'm over there.

Re: master BOSTON moped ride, vol. II

im going to order the parts for the puch next week so when its going il take a ride down there

it should go 45-50 so i wont be 1 mile behind everyone else like last time

it should take a week for the parts to come in then i have to tear down the engine to put the new crank and bearings and seals and i want to case match the ports cause whoever put the kit on it never did

then just new piston rings and im all set

Re: master BOSTON moped ride, vol. II

hey wheres my pie

Re: master BOSTON moped ride, vol. II

Shaws parking lot in fenway would be pretty cool. There is a strip of retaurants behind there too where there is a really cheap Mexican place that has the best damn burritos in Boston. Moped/Burrito Wednesdays sounds awesome to me.

Re: master BOSTON moped ride, vol. II

good call on the shaws lot.

what time should we make this? i figure we should have a meetup half hour, and then a specific departure time. like, meet up between 6:30 and 7 so people can slowly arrive, then whoevers there departs at 7?

Re: master BOSTON moped ride, vol. II

That works for me.

Re: master BOSTON moped ride, vol. II

B r e n d a n C a m p b e l l /

i'm down with this plan. i like it. i am going to try my hardest for this wednesday, but i probably won't make it. i'm getting married next saturday, and still have a ton of errands to run.....but it would be a good stress reliever.

Re: master BOSTON moped ride, vol. II

man if you guys pin this wednesday thing down for sure im going to HAVE to make it down for a ride.


Re: master BOSTON moped ride, vol. II

i'll probably be there sans bones just so i can reconnect with my moped brethren and add incentive to get bones's petcock fixed. also it's five minutes from my apartment.

Re: master BOSTON moped ride, vol. II

i bought an orange moby today for cheap :)

it's really clean

it's a '77 50v (30mph)

it came with 3 original moby brochures and an original mint manual ... plus the little tool case that hangs from the seat

adjusted/tightened the decompression lever cable

soldered a broken wire

cleaned the carb

replaced the plug

cleaned the points (and thus a spark is born)



side panel screws

Re: master BOSTON moped ride, vol. II

i dont have a job. i live a good 2hour ride from boston, boston. im down somone please shoot me a email. alot of kids in around worcester, my bro too, maybe i could get them to go?

shoot me a email.


Re: master BOSTON moped ride, vol. II

where are people finding these mopeds???

Re: master BOSTON moped ride, vol. II


Wednesday it is.

I just got the most BEAT UP brown Magnum from a dude in RI with 5 stars. I snapped my rear axle on my new rigid (maybe because the previous owner was 240lbs?......) and couldn't find an axle for the grimeca snowflakes. So....5 stars. Word.

I'd bring my Moby for someone to ride as long as we kept the engine warm so I can pull start the engine with a strap I have. Otherwise it takes forever to start it because the starter clutch shat itself. I will also hopefully be able to bring my bro, Dan and his minty Magnum if his jets are in.

Susan....if I can get Super Moby to start do you want to ride it? It's all modded out and goes about 55mph......but cruises nicely too at 30-35.

Someone else could ride it too, if they like. Or....maybe I'll ride it because the brakes are sketchy and someone could be on the 80cc rigid.....

Re: master BOSTON moped ride, vol. II

Seriously, share the wealth! lol Well, if anyone knows of a running cheap ped let me know...I'm hoping to add my girl to the list of riders before the end of the summer...

As for the idea of meeting up, I like it, but I would like it more if it were at a coffee shop or similar venue. Nothing says 'I need a drink' than waiting in a parking lot in the heat with no place to sit my knowledge there isn't a lot of places like that at the Fen. I would strongly suggest making our way back to the Otherside Cafe across from Newbury Street. There's enough parking up front for a large group, we've met there before in the past, and it's pretty much close by to everyone. Plus, drinks and food are 'a plenty' there with indoor/outdoor seating and a readily accessible bathroom. It's not too far away from the meeting spot everyone had in mind too...

Sorry I didn't get to write this earlier, but I took a long jaunt (alone too, ya bastahds! Nobody called! lol) to Concord again to meet up with my brother on Saturday. Weather was perfect for the ride and traffic was nice and low. After a brief pause in Concord Center, I rode a little ways towards Carlisle, and turned around to head home...the long way! The tour back consisted of Concord -> Lincoln -> Lexington -> Arlington -> Belmont -> Watertown -> Newton to Comm Ave -> Wellesley -> and finally Weston and back. All in all, a really nice ~60 mile ride but it got frigid at the end.

My first time exploring Wellesley in a while, the roads are really least the one path I followed was exceptionally hilly, so I'll be searching for more flatter terrain for you guys. Eventually, we can take some longer rides through the country where we don't have to worry about stop and go traffic! Off to more scouting when the weather gets better...

- P

Re: master BOSTON moped ride, vol. II

Hey I'm looking forward to meeting yall on Wednesday, whichever the location. Is this a rain or shine event? Forecast looks icky.


Re: master BOSTON moped ride, vol. II

if the weathers terrible, i probably wont show up, but the forecast i looked at shows partly cloudy and 74 degrees on wednesday. hopefully that will hold up.

i hear what phil is saying, and i guess that lot might be particularly problematic on nights when the red sox are playing. why dont we meet up there this time, since we've already kind of planned that, and then discuss other options. in front of the other side might be kind of cool too, but i also think it would be nice ot have some space to fix stuff.

Re: master BOSTON moped ride, vol. II

The last time Jay, Susan and I went to go through that particular section during a sox game (it was after our first mini-rally), it was nearly impossible to navigate through. Despite the fact that we were in my car, there was just no going through that intersection.

Safety might also be another issue, and while places like the Otherside aren't quite the ideal (with that ramp to the Pike next to it), I still think it's a good central spot to meet. That intersection over by the Fen is always a mess in some shape or form. Though, the hospital is close by lol!

I think any spot is good for minor repairs as the Public Gardens proved, but a house is a much better landing spot for hardcore fix-it sessions. My place is pretty much open as long as my landlord isn't around, and there was buzz from Pete to have a BBQ one of these days as well - Pete, where are ya buddy? The Otherside is kind of a home away from home for the khZ as we used to meet there quite often - they're also very tolerant of scoots and mopeds in that neck of the woods.

I think I'll be up for meeting if the weather holds - Chances are I'll be getting out of work at 5:30 so it'll take me some time to get over there, and if the morning is scuzzy, I'll be taking my car in just in case so it'll take just that much longer to get my bike out from storage...

Sheila, welcome to the Boston thread! Hope to meet you soon...

Re: master BOSTON moped ride, vol. II

Phil, that was your place that we met up at last time? I was there for like 4 minutes but it seemed like a sweet meeting spot. I live about 2-3 miles away in allston, we could totally meet up at my house too.

Re: master BOSTON moped ride, vol. II

That's the one...

Re: master BOSTON moped ride, vol. II

yeah, places like phils house, or justins backyard seem awesome for real fixup meetings - maybe on the weekends and such. but i feel like, particularly after work, its nicer to have someplace that more or less equidistant from everyone - like the other side - to meet at.

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