Kansas DMV experience

I recently walked into the Olathe DMV to get plates for my moby and maxi. All I had with me were two phony bills of sale from Missouri which I had printed and signed myself. I was a little nervous for some reason thinking they might yell at me for trying to pull a fast one on them, but to my surprise the clerk I ended up with was like " Oh, you have a Puch? I had one of those when I was 16 back in Holland." 30 minutes of chitchat and laughter later I walk out with 2 plates for my peds! She was also correcting me on all my moped name pronunciations. My titles are in the mail and I'm ridiculously excited. Rad Rad Rad.


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This spells disaster for all of us with stolen bikes.

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Yes it does. fortunately for me I have no stolen bikes... I hope.

I could see how it might suck for other folk.

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Prof. Monkey-For-A-Head /

Yeah, I gotta love KS DMV. I come in with my Georgia-bought Hobbit with absolutely no proof of sale or ownership. She just smiles and has me fill out a bill of sale from myself to myself and notarizes it on the spot.

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Leon Swarmer /

I swear it's chicken entrails. I've had wide ranging experinces.

from That ain't right and we aren't going to help you. ( OK not their worlds, they said," it has beeen titiled previously in another state an no we won't even tell you what state")

too bill of sale, sure..

You got lucky once. it doesn't always happen.

PS KS does NOT have anitique moped tags.

Leon in Topeka

Re: Kansas DMV experience

i've been considering moving to kansas just for that. seriously.

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What the hell?! They obviously aren't training the workers right in the counties you people live in. I had a legitimate bill of sale from my sister (she lives in St. Louis for school) and the guy was still a little skeptical ... he was looking at her address and asked, "So she had it in St. Louis?" ... Um, yeah, sure.... (And by "legitimate" I mean that she wrote up a bill of sale and "sold" it to me... not that she sold it to me.) I felt guilty about that, but after hearing what you renegades did, I don't feel so bad anymore.

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the best way to do it is actually live in Missouri, No registration required at all. If you have a official bill of sale it probably goes a lot smoother.


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Dear Mike....it is offical!!! WE ARE FIGHTING!! just kidding but you still suck! :) you coming sunday???

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Edward Richardson /

WTF are you kidding me? I had an Official title from Missouri issued in 1978 for my Grande and they sent me out to the Kansas Highway Patrol Office to get it inspected. The officer rejected it on sight as it did not have turn signals and "anything manufactured after 1973 had to have turn signals in the U.S."

I objected as it clearly had never had turn signals and I sure as hell wasn't going to wire them in. Then the VIN# only had four digits, that couldn't be right. Many phone calls and several hours later, he begrudgingly passed it. Getting tags at the Courthouse was easy, they only wanted money.

Re: Kansas DMV experience

I did have an official bill of sale. It was even notarized. The guy didn't really give me crap (he was actually really nice), but he was asking a lot of questions -- like the kind that kind of make you squirm inside as you lie to answer them.

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