PA 50 Starter-Clutch problems

Hi All, I have an 82 Honda PA50 and for some season the starter-clutch (the one that engages the motor when you pedal) seems to be slipping. If you pedal slowly it seems to work but if you give it any muscle it just slips. I took it apart and cleaned the drum and shoes with solvent and gave it a quick sanding but it didn't seem to help much. The shoes and drum seem to be in OK condition. Any Ideas?

Re: PA 50 Starter-Clutch problems

I have never had that problem with my PA ... but maybe the drive BELT isn't tight enough ?

To tighten the drive belt .. loosen the 4 bolts that secure the rear hub (2 each side) .. then pull the hub backwards a little bit .. (check the marks for location before you loosen the hub bolts).

here's what I do >... I find it much easier to just push start the PA's ... its way easier than pedal starting... just stand on the left side.. push in the de-comp lever .. lean in and push hard.. as soon as the motor starts to turn good... let off the de-comp and give a little throttle.

it'll fire off and you can grab the brakes .. or hop on and go.

I haven't pedal started my PA in 10 years .. (in fact I removed the pedals and pedal crank totally ... years ago).

Works GREAT ! .. less parts ... pedals won't ever touch the ground .. or bend .. or make you crash.

... and you can slide a rod through the old hole and use it as 'footpegs'.

Re: PA 50 Starter-Clutch problems

Thanks Fred I'll give it a shot.

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