I just bought a 1983 Puch moped, but i'm not sure of the model. I know it has a 50cc engine and can get me up to about 28mph. I live in NY, and The guy i bought it from said that it is considered a class C moped, and that meant i didn't have to have it registered or insured or any of that nonsense, but when i checked the NY dmv rules, it said anything with a top speed between 20 and 30 is considered a Class B, which requires registration, insurance, and a helmet. I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me clear this up before i take my bill of sale down to the DMV. thanks guys.

Re: registration?

I've done a little research and i've found out that it is a 1983 puch Dart, so if that helps at all, i could really use some help in determining this issue. thanks guys

Re: registration?

Your moped must be registered. Try to get it registered as a class C moped by putting 20 mph in the "Maximum Speed" box on the form. For class C, you need a license plate and all the neceessary equipment, but no helmet, no insurance, and no inspection. You can call the technical services department to make sure that the 1983 Puch Dart is on their certified list or else you will be wasting your time going to the DMV. If the Dart isn't on the list, try saying that it is a 1983 Puch Maxi.

Here is the equipment required:

phone number for tech services dept. is here with other info:


Re: registration?

All of the forms that you will need can be downloaded here:

The instructions are on page two of this form:

Re: registration?

you just posted what i was going to post. Even if you are going to register it as a class c, always wear a helmet anyway.

Re: registration?

thanks for all the info and the quick response guys, i was able to get all the paperwork done so i'll be able to get to the DMV first thing monday, and yeah, i'd definately wear a helmet either way. oh, and not that it makes a difference now, but now that i actually have the ped in my posession, it wasn't a puch dart, its a maxi mini, but it still hits 28mph without too much of a struggle. thanks again

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