bad luck :(

was talking to a guy who owned a puch magnum and i checked it out was pretty mint no rust in the tank and it ran fine 34 mph, pretty sure was stock and only had 600ish miles.

i told him id pick it up today and pay him 150$ he said ok and was more than happy.

Some tourist asshole came up after me and said he would pay 2200$ for the bike, so i went today and he told me and i was happy for the guy cause he got a shitload of $$$ for the puch but that was like the only puch around here so i was kind of upset.

Sure enough i saw the tourist cruising around on it so i outran him and was contemplating just following him and stealing it haha :)

Re: bad luck :(

$2200? Thats absurd. But you definately need cash up front, don't wait to pick up a ped.

Re: bad luck :(

It may sound absurd, but it is all relative. Anything is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Maybe this person really wanted it bad, and to a lot of people, $2200 is pocket change. But even if I were rich, I would still have tried to get it for as little as possible. Thats how you stay rich. Peace. Jerry.

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