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Ha hey guys im sort of new to mopeds only 4 months but i have some REALLLLLLY basic questions.

i have an idea for most of the answers but i just want to verify.

when you start a moped you use a little throttle to start?

If you ride daily leave the petcock on?

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You shouldn't need the throttle to start. If you have trouble starting, you may need the CHOKE, but no the throttle.

As for the petcock, only have that on when you're running. Otherwise, the BEST that can happen is that it will start overflowing the carb and spilling, causing a sticky, oily mess. The worst that can happen is you will ruin your carb.


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alright thanks i was pretty sure about the stuff just verifying.

Petcock - throttle

Targa LX owner /

If the A55 engine is like the A35 You have to use the throttle to start, to kick down the choke, and to give it gas. I can't remember what year you said your bike is. For sure though you don't need to shut off the petcock as the gas won't flow unless there's a vacuum drawing it, as when the carb bowl is full the float rises and shuts off the gas flow. I have 10,000 miles on my Tomos Targa LX, get 130 miles per gallon, never shut the petcock. By the way, the throttle cable is adjustable for kicking off the choke. (That is, if the A55 engne is like the A35). On the A35 there is a throttle cable adjustment at the throttle twister, and at the carb.

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It's like a doctor thing, Aj, get lots more than one opinion.

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I notice you have an '07 Tomos Streetmate, and an '07 Tomos LX. The best thing you can do for yourself and your mopeds is to get rid of the oil injection systems, and the sooner the better. On peds that new, I wouldn't worry about turning the petcock off if you ride them a lot, and as for starting, whatever works best. Depends on temperature, humidity, altitude, and a few other things. I put my choke on, and with the moped on the stand, kickstart it with the throttle closed, as soon as it fires, I open the throttle all the way real quick to release the choke, then release the throttle, and it idles fine. Let it warm up for a couple of minutes unless you just rode it. But seriously, get rid of those oil injectors. They will fail, and seriously damage your engine, and maybe even cause a crash when your engine locks up due to a lack of oil. Peace. Jerry.

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Thanks guys so much i always use the choke in the winter but in this dry humid heat i would always give it a little throttle and no choke.

The tomos Lx is a 07 and had like 6000 miles injector worked perfect so im keeping it on there but the streetmate is an 06 and only 500 miles so i premix that guy.

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Up to you, but I had 2 fail, on 2 brand new mopeds, made 2 years apart, for the same reason. I removed them both, and examined the entire system very closely. My professional opinion, as an auto mechanic, is that the entire system is junk, it's a ticking time bomb, just waiting to fail, and take your engine with it. Peace. Jerry.

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