Is this worth it??

What do you guys think? A bit pricey?

Re: Is this worth it??

Very Pricey!!

Re: Is this worth it??

Intense, supply and demand I guess

bit much for me

part of the moped fun is trying to keep it cheap

cool idea but once you put a certain amount of work/money into it the moped is out of its element

I'd rather have a $1500 street bike to do 80mph

still a cool project, just not for me

Re: bit much for me

Sweet mother of christ.

I wanted to defend this price when i saw this.

Fuck that.

Contact me , ill sell ya that but pretty for half lol.

SRSLY san fran is a dif market then the rest of the world. Shit i guess.

Re: bit much for me

those bars are hideous.

Re: bit much for me

That's commando_brando. He was pissed about people saying the gold magnum was worth $1600.

Re: bit much for me

handle bars suck! I'm looking into getting nice aluminum motorcycle ones that are more sloped. Not pissed just amazed by the lameness of so many. Sure it's kinda a joke but sure I'd sell it for the right price, then build another asap very similar you can't get a better setup unless you did massive case alterations and custom made pipe.

Re: bit much for me

toe fur threadkiller /

it's stupid to pay that much for any moped.

Re: bit much for me


You think you can hit 80 with that?

"i could use the cash on a Ducati and Nike shoes" LOL


Re: bit much for me

For a little more ,i could get a mint LTD edition with a tach.

Re: Is this worth it??

It's a really cool bike, the way it's tricked out beyond all recognition and all, but I don't think a kitted moped is even worth it if you didn't do it yourself.

Re: Is this worth it??

It's off the-list, did he sell it?

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