Difference between moby's

How can you tell by looking at a Moby if it has a variator

Re: Difference between moby's

"go to my site and see the difference":http://www.mabecanemobylette.com/clutches.htm

Re: Difference between moby's

Or, I'll just tell you. . .

if its variated the clutch will have a movable cheek which slides along the crank shaft towards the motor. behind that cheek will be three (OK) or four (better) ball bearing weights. for more differences/information, check the WIKI.

Re: Difference between moby's

Word Dan, best moby site ever!

Re: Difference between moby's

Thanks I'm looking at one that is kinda rough and I just needed to know what I'm in for if I buy it.

I wish Mabecane shipped he always has sweet moby's


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