Panther Spark plug?

Hello Army,

Today I just bought a Hero Panther. She is in very good shape but is running a little funky. My first project is to find a spark plug and I am having a difficult time of it. This panther has a ATLAS spark plug #481. And no auto parts in town can seem to cross this number. So my question is what common plug can I use in my Panther? I not look for a turbo plug just something that will keep her tuned.

Re: Panther Spark plug?

NGK B6HS, autolite 425, Champion L86C. That's what most moped engines use, so I believe those will work, but I've never heard of a panther. Is it a moped or scooter?


Re: Panther Spark plug?

use a NGK B6HS

Widely available at any auto parts store.

Re: Panther Spark plug?

i stuck in a champion and was actually surprised it worked well.

Re: Panther Spark plug?

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