Centrafugal clutch


I understand the workings of the variator transmission, but does the centrifugal clutch serve any other purpose other than allowing the engine to run with out the machine moving forward?

Regards Veitch

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Cleats Onionpockets /

Why did you post this twice under two different names?

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I think its because when I signed up I used autofill and it changed my name. Sorry. What about this clutch, does any one know?

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Like I said, I understand what all you good people have said. What I was told, was that firstly the clutch enabled the engine to run with out the scooter moving forward. Secondly, that the clutch allowed the variator to expand and select the best ratio for the engines RPM, this being controlled by the tension of the clutch shoe springs. I was hoping that some one could confirm this.

Thanks again for your help. Veitch

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what kind of bike? they all work a bit differently.

on a motobecane there are 2 clutches. the spring controlled clutch only starts the bike from it does nothing to disengage the motor from the variator at stops. The clutch made from 4 metal arms are the ones that engage and disengage at stops. they cannot be tuned (easily).

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Thanks Elliot. That gets closer to what I want. I have e-mailed Peugeot and asked them the same question.

Thanks Veitch also in England.

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Cambridge yeah, im in Warwick

are u talking about about a scooter or a proper moped as in pedals and motor not just under 50cc?

if ur into proper mopeds do you have any you want to sell?

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Hi Elliot.

I am a technology teacher at a school in Huntingdon. We are building a electric drag car to the Green Power formulae. This specifies that the motor should be a standard car starter motor and the battery also a standard car item. Because an electric motor delivers its power instantly, we required a variation in the drive, hence the varidrive transmission. We were given this in a box not knowing any thing about it, so we require all the help we can get. Lola are building a carbon fibre body for us so that side of it should be OK.

Best regards Veitch

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in that case having a centrifugal clutch would be useless since u get 100% torque off the line the clutch is not needed and the motor can come to a full stop with no penalty, correct?

if thats the case can't you just attach the variator CVT setup directly to the motor output shaft (possibly geared down or up 1st)

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THe reason I think he wants a centrifugal clutch is that he thinks it works like so (My impression):

When the engine is at idle, the clutch is shrunk down and does not transmit any power, just spins happily away. When the engine speeds up a bit, the clutch fans out and contacts the SIDES of the clutch, grabbing on and driving the wheels at whatever speed the engine is moving.

Or something like that.

He wands a way for the starter to engage only when it's needed.

That's only what I think he wants. I could be very wrong.


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true thats how it works but on an electric motor you don't need a clutch at all, just the variator. cuz it can come to a complete stop and immediately start again, unlike a gas motor that needs a starting mechanism to restart it after a complete stop in revolutions, so its preferable that it never actually stops turning thus the clutch.

on a tangent thought, what kind of power/rpms do you get from a car starter motor? moped sized power...?

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I do know you can move a car just by leaving the car in gear and killing the engine, then trying to turn it on. The motor is strong enought to turn the engine by itself and move your car.

Lots and lots of power. But it draws lots and lots of power too.


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Your right Scott, they do draw a lot of power, but not for very long unless they are working under load. The motor we have is rated at 3500W which equates to 4.7 BHP at 6000 RPM, not far off scooter engine. Because of this factor, I require the motor to remain under load developing its max power. this will kill the battery, but you cant have it all ways. With out the Varidrive, it would very quickly reach it's max RPM, this would mean selecting a single gear that would mean guess work at the very least. I think I will wait and see what Peugeot say.


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