Centrafugal clutch

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I understand the workings of the variator transmission, but does the centrifugal clutch serve any other purpose other than allowing the engine to run with out the machine moving forward?

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Re: Centrafugal clutch

It is set so at a certain rpm's it grabs, and at lower idle speed-type rpm's it isn't grabbing. Very simple.

Re: Centrafugal clutch

the power of springs, and weighted clutch shoes.

Re: Centrafugal clutch

Sorry Sabat, I don't quite know what you mean.

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Springs hae a certain tension, holding back the clutch shoes from flinging outward and grabbing. The usually have weights that make that work smoothly, like steel balls. Just take one apart and look.

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clutch is contected to the crank and spins with the engine.

after accellerating the engine, the clutch shoes bound by a spring(s) break free of the spring holding them down and grab the clutch drum witch is conected to the primary drive(1 speeds) or transmission in 2 speeds.

hmm better?

theres stuff out there that explains it better.


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