need info.

hey, i want a moped badly... there is a person nearby selling an eagle shark 4 stroke 50cc moped for $900 with a 1 year parts warranty. Any thoughts? Its brand new with 0 miles. Good decision or no?

Re: need info.

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i think what you really need to know is that it's a scooter, not a moped.

the only new mopeds readily available are made by Tomos, and $900 seems about right for the basic model.



Well, im tryin to buy somethin to save on gas whether it be a moped, scooter, or mini-chopper. I'm lookin at this flash gordon mini-chopper, and it looks pretty sweet and its only $600. Any thoughts on its reliabilaty or any direction I should be heading... Thanks.

need info.

Stay away from that Chinese shit. it runs good for 300-800 miles and then transmission, engine or some other major issue.

Re: need info.

So what they have at JavaSpeed Scooters in Providence - they sell all good bikes, and are a great shop. Or you could start digging for a vintage - requires more work, but rewarding and fun to ride...CL and the buy/sell section here are your friends...

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